Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trieste (Trst) - Yugoslavia issue:

Today, not many people know, that this city, Trieste (Italian) or TRST (Serbo-Croatian) was part of Yugoslavia (Yes, short period but it was!).

I will not take role of teacher, or be some kind of historian, and will just "shortly" in simple language explain to the public how it was part of Yugoslavia:

There was WWII, there was III Reich (Third Reich), there was Italia like ally of Germans that occupy Yugoslavia and in the end, Italy capitulated under Allied Forces, Russians, Yugoslavian Army, and others military forces.

Than, Trieste was taken by strong forces of Yugoslavian Army, but .... but Allied Forces didn't like it, and rush to "help" surrounded city and in the happy end, Yugoslav and British (2nd Division - New Zealand) divided Trieste in to two zone (Something like Berlin case). Zona A (under West countries army) and Zone B (under Yugoslavian army).

Fine for Philately and collectors - this give us one great set to have in collection:

It is originally stamps from Yugoslavia, overptinted with STT VUJNA (Slobodna Teritorija Trst - Vojna Uprava Jugoslavenske Narodne Armije). 

Need more proof that Trieste was part of Yugoslavia? (:-))

I like it, because it is set formed from Yugoslavia "Industry" issued, which I admire well, because of design, printing, quality, message, and great will of Yugoslavian citizen (what was left after Germans Genocide) to made progress and rebuilt country from scrap!
In some way, it is also one written document, that remind future generation of what for our ancestors  fight.

This set come out on Feb. 25, 1953 - Yeah, not so far, but AFTER war ended, (1954 was year when Trieste was "returned" to Italy).
I see it in Michel catalog under numbers 87-94 which give very nice price tag of 32.00 europer mint, nh set for basic option. But there existed two "special" stamps of 5.00 din and 15.00 din (face value) that can catapulted value of this set to "sky high" of 450.00 euro!

Why it is not so "cheap" even that some stamp from set are printed in 500 000? Because in this set You have some topic like: Industry, Train, Rail, Sunflower.... very popular topics that made shortage on market.

You have it? Keep it! You can buy it - Grab it!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kosovo - Breast Cancer issue of 2008:

Not long ago, I made one page regarding this common issue of USA Scott #B1, that many countries around world made. Will not go again to describe high-minded effort that we have with. My intention is to show some nice item/cover that I recently received, and, according my opinion will be worth to keep in collection for future generation.

Lot of countries made this stamp, exactly number I don't know, but between all, I can mention this Kosovo (Serbian Autonomy), Hungary, Jordan and some other "privately owned" countries around. 

Let's talk about this Kosovo envelope that I examined, and some "funny" fact, that You can read "between line" intrigued me to write this page.

First to mention this cover that have four stamp attached on, with face value of 2.20 euro, that is fare for international, recommended air-mail shipment, we have two stamp of "Breast cancer" [Michel #115] issue and two stamp of "B-Fly 2012" issue. very nice cancel applied by Prishtina Post Office, post code 10110, that is still old Yugoslavian post code number, and style of post code numbering. Very easy, ordinary human can take it lake "symbol" that people of Kosovo still want Yugoslavia.

Even that some half of world countries (less that 90 if I'm correct, mostly "private owned" countries and also some "big Konan destroyer" countries) almost recognized Kosovo like independent country (still far away from 51%), I noticed that (from this cover) one "funny"detail, that everyone can take according personal logic, and it is that on "R" sticker (RA100 665701KS) are letter "KS"! 

It is initials for what (:-)) - Kosovo SERBIA?

After, come one very ugly post worker marking of 1 (3)/7 by marker, handwriting, that made "Kosovo cover" very ugly make up!  To made thing worse, Israel Post, applied one "red sticker info", that is in use here, when some mail come from "unstable problematic countries", and which warn receiver about not to open mail if You don't know sender. Public probably know well why this warning are, and it is justified when mail come from "not so recognized" countries or places.

As is - is, I will suggest, to have one envelope like this in collection, if nothing else, just for record of "stupid time in history"!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bosnia - Republic Serpska Titanic issue 2012

You know, I saw lot of issues this year with "Titanic" topic. Start with National Geographic celebrating 100 year of  "Titanic", to many countries around globe, "jumping on train" and making some kind of "celebration" in this occasion.

All of  what I saw, come to, or near to "junk" status by my opinion. I don't see any need to make postage stamp, with some "personal" expression of artist, who will craft some pictures, and on it, You need really all Your imagination to recognize same ship about You are "talking" on picture.

Probably someone like it - in the way of, name "fly" on sky over ship, someone can like other "new way" of art, but when we, or better, if we want to give some respect to constructor, people that are gone with this ship, crew members and other - we need to made one clear design, that will reflect "soul" of same ship and give some kind of historic mark to the future generation, that will see, on postage stamp, really near original picture of tragedy ship that happened in past.

Republica Serpska also made one issue, and I can say just: Respect! To effort, to artist, to printer and to all involved in making this issue to be "flagship" of Post of Republica Srpska!

This issue, set of 2 stamp, come out on April 23, 2012, Fist Day cancel of Banja Luka.
Official site say that issue come out on April 10, but it happened (First Day Cancel) April 23, and printing quantity will give just 20 000 sets, and 300 FDC's.

Face value of combined, 3.00 KnM, (1.00 USD = 1.54 KnM), if we go to search little bit, You will find many different prices on market for this set. Somewhere on 3.00 euro to 10.00 $ per set, and I don't see lot of it offered on web shops.

On this page, because of size image, hardly that You can "feel" the beauty of this design, You will need stamp in Your hands, some "zoom" lens if You wish to "feel and see" all detail of this issue!

To mark this (Titanic) tragedy, Posta Srpske made this set with two stamp, Titanic and Hindenburg - that will make "life hard" for collectors, because both topic are very popular with collectors!

In the end, I can say just - try to obtain it, prices are still affordable!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina early period

Michel have it under number 10 (Austro-Hungaria pages), and Scott under number 11:

It was nice surprise, when I come across this item on web auction, and for starting price of few cent, that in the end go for very affordable price for this material. Normally, I "jump on train" and go for it! 

Simple, if You can not have some early material in Your "global" collection, try to have at least, one sample from each country, of each early period. And when You have it - try to have something exceptional, not so rare, but something that is worth investment.

Sample that I purchased (shown here) are "not so nice" quality, but if it will be in 'perfect" condition, I will be suspicious that it is fake!

Here we talk about Bosnia and Herzegovina, better say Austro-Hungaria, issue for Bosnia and Herzegovina (little bit history: Bosnia and Herzegovina, after that SERBIA "broke" Turkish Empire, was "avarded" to Austro-Hungaria, like compensation for war effort, and SERBIAN are left empty hands) that was made in 1900 yr. 

It is second set in row (first set was in Kr [krone] face value, and second start with H [haler] face value), and difference between first and second are in face value number, that come up, and down (in second set). If we search around, this issue at complete set are not so expensive like ordinary human can think. first set in "basic" option can reach around 60.00 euro in used condition, and second set can go even less than 60.00 euro. because I didn't have wish to "run" after so many "option" in this sets, and keep it in my stock, I decided to obtain one like this shown in PROOF-Print option, that well satisfy any serious collection, and will have price stable in near and far future.

How much to prepare for one like this? Really all depend of timing, quality, specific catalog number - but between 50-500 $ will be need to have one "nice" sample!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Year of Dragon 
2012 year from Serbia

It come like surprise, because lot of countries come out with this topic this year. Probably all wanted to (suddenly) be friend with China peoples?

From all that I saw in recent few months, hardly that one or two can be nearly this issue, when is talking about design. I saw lot of naive drawing, hi-tech design, some laser-cut also - but real artist expression I find just on this Serbian issue.

 The stamp come out to market at Feb. 6, 2012 with two stamp in set. Face value of 22.00 and 55.00 Serbian Dinar. Translate it to euros, it will reach some 2.80 euros, but dealer will ask around 
5-6.00 euros per sheet of four, and I think it is worth it.

If we have need just for set, prepare to give in shop some 1.20-1.40 euros. What I like mostly in this set is 55.00 Dinar stamp, where we have this "Dragon in full strength, sitting on some kind of stand" (usually on corner of building)emitting "grace and proud" from artist view and work. 

On CM we see it more closely, beauty of grace! Probably even China collectors and artist will agree with me.

Even that price for all this option, to have set, s/s, FDC and CM is not so small (around 10.00 euros), I will suggest to have it in collection. Don't know what future will show us, but price can just rise on market in future.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

P. R. China - again surprise!

You know, they start to surprise me every year! Before it was with "Musicians" issue, and today with this issue from 2011 year.

It is talking for issue numbered (by China Post) 2011-23, with name "Lord Guan". One s/s and one set of 2 value, in total face value of 8.40 yuan. Issued on Sept 12, 2011, this great s/s fascinated me well! This time not by graver work, but by design and quality of print, which is so detailed that You can see every segment of this "Lord Guan" face and cloth. Color composition, size of s/s all are well managed and well combined. 

I go around some web shop, and see that set and s/s can reach around 20.00 $ for mint. If You take additional few $ for PayPal fee and postage, be well prepared to pay near 30.00 US$ per one set, which is probably high for new China stamp. But, I can say - that it is worth it.

And just come to my hands new edition (#17) of Stanley Gibbons catalog, where this m/s are "torn" down with prices, as low as 3.75 BP per one in mint condition. Again searching internet, I see that it go down to 6.00 $, and again to 5.00 $ and now stand around 3.00 $ per one m/s. Reason for "sliding" in price, can be in quantity printed? Probably, but I still think, that even if You purchased it for 20.00 $ - You made it good deal.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Israel "First Coins" issue:

Even that I deal with stamp for more than 25 years around, rarely that I come across items like this issue, which recently, I sold to  my client that I will be free to say, is collector "Who Know What Philately Is"!

No more, and no less!

About what is talking?! For sure, about stamp, that MUST be included in any serious collection, if - IF - we (collectors) want to leave collection worth, to our future generation!

Here it is one short description: 
"First Coin" issue #1-9 (in all categories), that is issued by Israel on 1948 yr. Some stamp from this set come to my hand also before, but never in this perfect condition, even that 1-6 is really great condition, I didn't manage to find last three value in mint condition, but was happy to have 7-9 in perfectly used condition, that will fit well in my client hands! If it is worth this investment? I think - yes! Why? See, Scott for 2006 valued it at: 1-6 mint + tab = 210.00 $, and 7-9 mint + tab = 4750.00 $.
Searching around most know auction and dealers, I didn't manage to find prices in this range and 1-6 is worth around 550.00 $, 7-9 used only I managed to find, and this go for 1900.00 $. 

What is more important, is that for this kind of investment, preferable is to have it examined and certified - because this money is worth it! Here in picture, You have it shown - and I think it is great! Yes, certification will cost You additional expenses, that can reach, for this set - more or less between 250-300.00 $.

Worth this money? 2006 year 210.00 $ - 2012 year it is 550.00 $ - just don't say to me that it is "worth how much collector is willing to pay", because You and I know that it is worth it, even that not every collector is willing to pay it!