Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trieste (Trst) - Yugoslavia issue:

Today, not many people know, that this city, Trieste (Italian) or TRST (Serbo-Croatian) was part of Yugoslavia (Yes, short period but it was!).

I will not take role of teacher, or be some kind of historian, and will just "shortly" in simple language explain to the public how it was part of Yugoslavia:

There was WWII, there was III Reich (Third Reich), there was Italia like ally of Germans that occupy Yugoslavia and in the end, Italy capitulated under Allied Forces, Russians, Yugoslavian Army, and others military forces.

Than, Trieste was taken by strong forces of Yugoslavian Army, but .... but Allied Forces didn't like it, and rush to "help" surrounded city and in the happy end, Yugoslav and British (2nd Division - New Zealand) divided Trieste in to two zone (Something like Berlin case). Zona A (under West countries army) and Zone B (under Yugoslavian army).

Fine for Philately and collectors - this give us one great set to have in collection:

It is originally stamps from Yugoslavia, overptinted with STT VUJNA (Slobodna Teritorija Trst - Vojna Uprava Jugoslavenske Narodne Armije). 

Need more proof that Trieste was part of Yugoslavia? (:-))

I like it, because it is set formed from Yugoslavia "Industry" issued, which I admire well, because of design, printing, quality, message, and great will of Yugoslavian citizen (what was left after Germans Genocide) to made progress and rebuilt country from scrap!
In some way, it is also one written document, that remind future generation of what for our ancestors  fight.

This set come out on Feb. 25, 1953 - Yeah, not so far, but AFTER war ended, (1954 was year when Trieste was "returned" to Italy).
I see it in Michel catalog under numbers 87-94 which give very nice price tag of 32.00 europer mint, nh set for basic option. But there existed two "special" stamps of 5.00 din and 15.00 din (face value) that can catapulted value of this set to "sky high" of 450.00 euro!

Why it is not so "cheap" even that some stamp from set are printed in 500 000? Because in this set You have some topic like: Industry, Train, Rail, Sunflower.... very popular topics that made shortage on market.

You have it? Keep it! You can buy it - Grab it!

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