Saturday, November 8, 2008

Czehoslovakia Michel 2147-49, 51 Flower

If we talk about Czechoslovakia, recently I discovered this one item and say "Hallelujah again"!!!
Great-great-great design, great graver job, great feeling just to look at this sheet of four, and You can even feel it on Your finger when touching this stamp! Which perfect color in use, it stay in brain memory for long time! I know this issue long time ago, but when You deal with lot of material, sometime it will stay unnoticed - that happen to me, I remember it but didn't "touch" it! And now, when I have this sheet of 4, I really discovered true value of philately and value of "good investment" in this "dare" time of recession and bleak future - simple, it made me happy!!!!

Catalogue Michel (2001-2 edition) have an value just for complete set for 8.50 euro, and stated that set have sheet of 4 and sheet of 10 stamp on. Prices for complete 6 sheet are not big, just 70.00 euro, on market you will find it for 70-80% catalogue value, but Czech catalogue separate this sheet in two section, of 4 and of 10 stamp, that are also available on market.
Because quantity printed and time that pass, it made it more hard to find, it is printed from 1/2 mil to 1 mil pieces, that are relatively big quantity, but - still it is hard to find.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yugoslavia-Kossovo Separation Fact

One simple and worth cover to keep history written by philately!

Even that I personally don't like to mix philately with politics, it is an unavoidable, because philately and stamp issue, is in hands of gov't administration, and directly - it is "weapon" for any country government that sit on power at time and place.
What it have to do with this cover that I'm showing now? Let's start to examine this one simple, not attractive cover, even I can say ugly one!

We will start from beginning - it is issue of Yugoslavia, Michel number 2999, issued on Nov 7, 2000 year, not worth some money, mint is just 3.50 euro, and used little as 0.50 euro by full catalogue value, from dealer You will have it in mint condition not more than 1.00 euro. On cover, with nice cancel like this, and in block of four it can reach also 1.00 euro, if it is one simple, ordinary mail. BUT, BUT - this is NOT simple and ordinary!
Here we see: name of town on cancel is K. Mitrovica-M. eKosoves dated 09 02 2001. So what - someone will ask? And I will reply with question - but NATO give independence to Kossovo (against majority of population living in Yugoslavia/Serbia, that Kossovo is part) in 2000 year, and what is that now stamp on this cover from 2001, with Yugoslavia inscription, in use on the Kossovo soil, and more interesting this red one and blue one cancel, in Russian and in German telling us "Yugoslavian (Serbian) post in Kossovo"!

Normally, any educated and informed person will start to analyze this, and I (not so big intellectual) person, come to conclusion, that some leader from this country, thought "back door" give instruction, to prepare public for some kind of or better say, to inform public, for some kind of separation or dividing this autonomy - by issuing one stamp, to using one post, one simple cancel, and it will do the job.
Actually today, eight and half year after this cancel, slowly, and very carefully - both gov't, Serbian and Albanian (living on the Kossovo soil) are "talking" about dividing Kossovo and made part for Serbian population, and part for Albanian population. (Don't ask me what Kossovo have common with Albania - it is another story, very sensitive to comment on this page). Because that I can and wish to suggest, to all collectors that specialize this countries - to keep an eye on every cancel obtained, every used cover obtained - it will tell You lot of untold story by CNN or by NATO or by politician that are or will come to the power - actually it will told us thruth.
And what to say about prices for this simple CTO cover? See, I saw it on one public auction, it was mentioned like CTO cover from Kossovo, low starting price, and I start to 'play' - till I saw that I'm not single person that want it - yes I win, and pay one high price for something that I want in my collection - till today, I didn't find any like this one or near this one - and if I will find it, again I will try to obtain it. Fairly - it can reach again, some 50-60.00 euros per one.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Yugoslavia and Trieste Train issue

Michel catalogue Yugoslavia block 4B (valued at 200 euro

and Trieste block 1A (valued at 250 euro):

This is one really "classic" issue from period of Yugoslavia.
Trieste issue are released 21 January 1950, and Yugoslavia are released 15 December 1949 to commemorate 100 year of railway in Yugoslavia.
Like most educated people know, after Second World War, or better say - during - Yugoslavian National Army liberated city of Trieste in Italy, according it, it was declared "Yugoslavian Liberated Territory" and Yugoslavia start to administrate this port city and also issued postage for use. Because strategic position of this port city, it come to "near" direct confrontation between USA and Yugoslavian army (maybe it is reason why USA bombed Yugoslavia in last civil war there?) - and result was in separation of this city in Zone A and Zone B, in any way - Yugoslavia issued stamp, that are very valued by world catalogues. Reason are few, and one of it is small quantity available, from 12 000 (Trieste) to 28 000 (Yugoslavia), but also topic issued (Train, Railway, Air Mail), and if we see, that Trieste was like "independent state" when is question of stamp, it can be easily collected all from this sphere and made one complete collection. When I say easily - I mean because quantity issued - all together for Trieste Zona B (Yugoslavian administration) existed around 145 stamp, it is not much, but main problem to build this collection will be price - yes, it is not cheap.

This one items from Trieste have an catalogue value of 250.00 euro, and on open market, hardly that someone will sell it less than full catalogue value, in the case that it is question of more purchased material in "one" it will have an reduction, but according my own experience, it will go for minimum 180-200.00 euro.

Collectors that want to purchase Yugoslavian issue, are little bit in better position when is talking about market value, it have an 200.00 euro catalogue value, and market will give You, I'm sure, for 120.00 euro in cash - main reason is that quantity are greater than from Trieste issue, and more important thing is that many people are now selling this material in Serbia, where some great collection are recently offered for sale.
In any way - I strongly suggest to any serious collector, to buy this item as soon as come across an offer - because time, and other element are running against any future availability for this item.

As today (7/IX/2008) I really must to tell about one mail that I received from collector who recently visited this page, and on mail was one link to eBay, with same item offered for sale (Yugoslavia, block, perforated, used). eBay seller offered it, and how far I understand, sold it, for great 15.00 euro!!! I was in shock - start to think about "nonsense" when I told to reader that this kind of material, this item will be hard to find less than 100-180 euro per one! But, after "first sight" - I uploaded picture, and start to play with my PC - zoomed it, and what I discovered? First - one rust traces on top of block, after that come "trimmed" corners - than can be because block was hinged (hard hinges) or stick on page album, and cancel was "not so visible town name and date" (that give one suspicious about cancel alone, because cancel are well centered on block - like need to be when is in question "canceled to order") - and because no possibility to see back side condition of offered block - I simply say "too risky" to buy - but after that, second tought tell me that even if back side of block are with more damage - it is worth to purchase it for 15.00 euro!!!! If nothing else - You will have one sample on collection - yes, it is wasting 15.00 euro if You have one investment in mind - but if You are pure collector who don't care about "best as possible" quality in collection - it is good purchase.
Existed also other option for this item "low" price - that seller think, that this attractive item will reach on public auction much more participant and that price will reach much-much higher, even top - but, we must know market and collectors little bit more than just "place something for sale"! Now, when many of us are back from holiday, back from trip abroad, start school year, seller need to know, that this is not time for 'spending' on philately - many are just "recovering" from spending caused by traveling and other expenses and simply didn't allow other spending.
Any way - I can just say - THANKS to visitor who informed me about one bargain price, if nothing else - I learn!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Serbia and Montenegro modern but rare

Michel #3212-13A and 3236-38 (under Yugoslavia name in catalogue):

Let start with 3212-13A (picture on left side), that are issued on 25 Jun 2004, actually one overprint on number 2670-71 I, from "Monastery" issue, and what is rare in this issue is just perforation. It is perforated 13 1/4. Hardly that common collectors will notice it in any accumulation, if will not search detailed in. And most people will even pass it, because it is in small dimension and not so eye catching, but for specialist it will be great to find it and put in collection. Why it is so rare? Simply quantity issued on basic issue, and just rest or better say leftover are overprinted. Catalogue value it on 600.00 euro for mint or used sample, and on postally used cover is almost impossible to find it. I try to contact my supplier, and response is really grave - no available at present on market, mean - too late for to obtain it.

Same story are with second issue that I see in my collection, it is Michel #3236-38 (picture on right side) dated 10 February 2005, from basic issue number 2607 IIC and 3136-37, also overprint, and here more collectors will noticed it because topic are "stamp on stamp", "transport" and other, here is more quantity issued, and automatically catalogue valued it less, at present Michel have it for 70.00 euro, but dealer will sell it for less, even 50-60% of catalogue value.

I still didn't search my postally used cover accumulation from this country and period, but if I will find it - I will made it on this page visible.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Czechoslovakia Michel #Block 7, FD Cancel

I "grabbed" some free time from my job, and I don't know why, I "surf" my Czechoslovakia collection, by way - I come across this beautiful sheet! Something, that will not catch Your eye at first glance, but if You will take it by hands, and little "think" about design and message that it deliver, You will find something more than worth to include this sheet in Your collection.

This sheet are issued on August 29, 1945 - smoke of WWII still "on the air", and Czechoslovakian Post issue an set commemorating Slovakian/National Uprising against the Germans, great! Set of 5 stamp, perforated 10 1/4 - not something special at all, but sheet come on "hard" paper, without perforation, no glue, dimension 148x210 mm, design is more like "classic" for war and post-war period, flags (SSSR, GB, USA and CSSR), sunrising, soldier, town (B. Bystrica, T. Sv Martin, Zilina).

What is "capital" on the sheet? Picture - on right up part of sheet, one beautiful drawing of mother and three children cry on tomb of fallen soldier (father)!!! So perfect symbol and message for future generation! I'm really sorry, that today's generation didn't remember past - even that it is not so long ago, just over 60 year - and they didn't know even what is that stamp and sheet telling to them!

Let's see what catalogue say about prices. Michel (2002 yr), have this block with first day cancel valued at 320.00 euro, that is one "good" starting prices for dealer - I think that on market today You can buy it for 80% of this price, but just in the case that You will find someone who are selling it! Because this disparity, Scott catalogue (#288-297, note) value used sample just 100.00 US$, I opened my other catalogue (Specialized Manual for Czechoslovakia, 1988 edition) - and see that they are really near identical value like Michel catalogue. In this "Manual", prices are not stated, it have one "point" grade for value stamp - and there are "great" 300 point for this sheet with FD cancel!!!

What that mean 300 point? It is like - if standard, not cheap, common stamp have an minimum price of 1 point, this one issue are 300 time more valued than that!!!

I personally like it - and specially, because it remind me about past, about our grandparents and about something that can not be forgotten!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yugoslavia fauna issue

Michel #738-749 fauna: 

issued Jun 30, 1954, one really great set of 12 value, with picture so perfectly designed for postage stamp, and really-really worth to include in collection. It is one classic material, that any serious collector need to have! Prices? High and worth it, Michel catalogue from 2002 year valued it for mint set 150.00 euros, and Scott have it too low just over 40.00 $. This is point where Scott editors need to think, because this set is not easy available on market, and recent eBay offer are around 100.00 euros starting prices - because that I think, this disparity need to be corrected, specially today, when US$ are sliding every single day against euro! Quantity issued for this set ranged from 2 400 000 to low 80 000 pieces, hardly to satisfy collectors need.

This topic continued with issuing another set from same fauna on September 10, 1956 - Michel numbered 795-803, 

set of 9 value, where we see drastic decrease in catalogue prices, it come down to 50.00 euro, in Scott it is more down just little bit over 20.00 US$.

Even that, because quantity issued, it will be hardly to find it on free market, quantity printed range from 2 and half million, and lower quantity is 112 354 pieces.

Other set in this topic, issued after this two, have rapid decrease in value, mostly reason was

quantity printed, 2 and half million with lower quality design, but again in very satisfactory way. I think, that it is worth to have.