Thursday, February 9, 2012

P. R. China - again surprise!

You know, they start to surprise me every year! Before it was with "Musicians" issue, and today with this issue from 2011 year.

It is talking for issue numbered (by China Post) 2011-23, with name "Lord Guan". One s/s and one set of 2 value, in total face value of 8.40 yuan. Issued on Sept 12, 2011, this great s/s fascinated me well! This time not by graver work, but by design and quality of print, which is so detailed that You can see every segment of this "Lord Guan" face and cloth. Color composition, size of s/s all are well managed and well combined. 

I go around some web shop, and see that set and s/s can reach around 20.00 $ for mint. If You take additional few $ for PayPal fee and postage, be well prepared to pay near 30.00 US$ per one set, which is probably high for new China stamp. But, I can say - that it is worth it.

And just come to my hands new edition (#17) of Stanley Gibbons catalog, where this m/s are "torn" down with prices, as low as 3.75 BP per one in mint condition. Again searching internet, I see that it go down to 6.00 $, and again to 5.00 $ and now stand around 3.00 $ per one m/s. Reason for "sliding" in price, can be in quantity printed? Probably, but I still think, that even if You purchased it for 20.00 $ - You made it good deal.

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