Saturday, March 31, 2012

Year of Dragon 
2012 year from Serbia

It come like surprise, because lot of countries come out with this topic this year. Probably all wanted to (suddenly) be friend with China peoples?

From all that I saw in recent few months, hardly that one or two can be nearly this issue, when is talking about design. I saw lot of naive drawing, hi-tech design, some laser-cut also - but real artist expression I find just on this Serbian issue.

 The stamp come out to market at Feb. 6, 2012 with two stamp in set. Face value of 22.00 and 55.00 Serbian Dinar. Translate it to euros, it will reach some 2.80 euros, but dealer will ask around 
5-6.00 euros per sheet of four, and I think it is worth it.

If we have need just for set, prepare to give in shop some 1.20-1.40 euros. What I like mostly in this set is 55.00 Dinar stamp, where we have this "Dragon in full strength, sitting on some kind of stand" (usually on corner of building)emitting "grace and proud" from artist view and work. 

On CM we see it more closely, beauty of grace! Probably even China collectors and artist will agree with me.

Even that price for all this option, to have set, s/s, FDC and CM is not so small (around 10.00 euros), I will suggest to have it in collection. Don't know what future will show us, but price can just rise on market in future.

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