Friday, June 21, 2019

Bosnia - Republika Srpska EUROPA 2019

Bosnia - Republika Srpska:

EUROPA 2019 issue, which is (as I think), one of the best, if not, only best issue, with GREAT design, where artist just made it perfect.

Birds, local birds better say, in FULL LIFE, from close range head.

One nice experiment with printing sheet composition

...and in booklet format...

In principle, I rarely praise new issues, but this time it "catch" my eye.
I saw few issues on EUROPA 2019 from many countries, and it is all in some kind of artist drawings, expression, and imagination.
But, Republika Srpska decided to go for "close range" head shown of this majestic birds!
Correct decision, and it will have good impact on demand for this issue.
As we know, Republika Srpska have one very conservative issuing policy, and quantity printed are very low, with range of 15 000 to 20 000 of each issue.
In booklet format, we have just 10 000 printed.
EUROPA issue, as usually come with this 20 000 sets printed, and just 500 FDC out from printing.
If we calculate little bit, 20 000 sets printed, that will give us just 2500 sheets of 8+labels on market!
Price, which, little bit high, but to be fair, this issue deserve it!
Set alone have an face value of 2.61 US$, if You can buy directly from Srpska Posta, but You will need to add money transfer cost, shipping and handling cost, than the final price can go very high. 
Sheet of 8+label, probably will reach very-very high with price, as Michel catalog value it high, and at present, I don't see it offered on eBay.
My information from Sarajevo, say, that even if You pay 40.00 US$ per sheet of 8+1, no one will offer it for sale, so...

So, keep an eye on this Republika Srpska issues, as this country have very conservative issuing policy, small quantity with popular topics!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

WWII - Montenegro, German Occupation:

Montenegro, WWII Occupation period:

One great set overprinted, and very-very high value in catalog.

It is year 1943, overprinted in black "Nationaler Verwaltungsausschuss - 10. XI. 1943", full set in 10 values, and printed just in 1000 sets.

Naturally, for this period, and low quantity printed, exist lot of fake/forged overprint, as effort to make it available on market and yes, to make some money in wrong way!

It is very suggested, if You decide to complete this WWII period, to have this set properly examined and certified, just to avoid to pay high, for something that is not "as need to be"!

If You don't have any possibility to have this set certified, it will be very preferable, to have it at least, examined by someone who specialized in this field.

So, I mention that it is high catalog value, because Michel catalog, that have it under number 10/19, in mint, nh condition
valued at 7800.00 euro.

Enjoy Christmas gift, and take it to someone who "Know What Philately Is"!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Yugoslavia (classic period)


...not just classic, but specialized classic material, which is very hard to find on open market. Than come next one point, it is in mint, never hinged condition, that is valued in catalog almost twice the catalog price.

Here are Michel numbers, which, if You will check in Your collection, is probably missing:
A 19/20 I, 30/32, 139/44, 164 A+B, 320 C, 348/49 F, 348 E, 356 B, 430 A, 439/40 A and great 439 I (with engraver "S" mark).

Go after it, as catalog prices are constantly going up for this kind of material, and scarcity on open market are very visible, even on eBay You will not find it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Stamp Fair: Israel - Jerusalem 2018:

It (Fair) is happening right now, May 2018, and I can not say, that it is very important for valuable collection, but as all around globe, in all Exhibition that come under "World Class", organizers made some "special" issues, with different perforation, overprints, special printing.

Israel Fair is not different, so here come one really nice issue, under name:

"The Menorah - from the Temple to the symbol of the State of Israel"

On this scan (picture), is not so visible, but effect of quality and design is just fascinating!
Dimension are very balanced, so it "struck Your eye" directly, something that will give very big impression on memory and feeling!
It is very balanced color composition, (more visible on regular, perforated mini sheet), than elements on picture are just GREAT for "Archeology" topical collectors, than also topical as "Coat of Arms" for sure, but also as just "Menorah" topical.

This issue, come in special folder, mean "Special", because inside, You will find three mini sheets with certificate for originality and numbering of 1 to 1999.
I really don't know why 1999 (2000 less one), exactly, but, probably one sample go to very important people, or archive, really don't know.

If You will obtain one of this folder, so keep in mind, that  mini sheet printed in gold, will have (down right corner), numerals (as shown one), 625/1999, and mini sheet without perforation will have imprinted number 0625, so, this two mini sheet, inside folder, must match each other, as to be sure, that no manipulation was involved.

Yes, there in folder MUST be also "Certificate of Authenticity", signed by Elhanan Shapira, Director of Israel Philatelic Service.

Why I think, that this NEW ISSUE, must be in every serious collection?
Just simple fact, that it is PERFECT design of!
Something that will "struck" Your "taste" of collecting, and because it is REAL gem, which will be just valued over time, no matter how future time will be economically.

At the moment, and as it is printed just in 1999 quantity, Special Folder is price tagged on sale, for 350.00 Israel Shekel, translate it as 100.00 US$ in cash. 

My prediction, that in very near future, same folder will be offered for 200.00 or even as high as 300.00 US$, than over time, price will stabilized around 150.00 to 200.00 US$ per sample in best quality. But, with time, let's say in next 20-30 year forward, this items will reach price tag of 450.00 to 500.00 US$ for sure!

Let's live and see - Amen!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Russia 2017 Overprint:

Overprint for "55 year of First Human Flight".
2017 year:

 G. Titov (2010) 

and U. Gagarin (2009) issue.

It is well know part of history (First Flight), and Russia Postal Administration know well how to celebrate it. This time, they just overprinted this two issues, and, made it "celebrity" in Philatelic Community and Philatelist well!

This two samples of overprint come in 2017 year, under Michel catalog number 2341 klb (G. Titov), and 2301 klb (U. Gagarin), with very "nice" catalog of 250.00 and 70.00 euros per sample.

I don't see U. Gagarin in Scott catalog update, just G. Titov overprint I see (Scott #7754), and G. Titov, single stamp with overprint, have also one good level (17.50 $ per single), U. Gagarin will be (probably) less valued, as quantity printed are much bigger, but, as this topic are very-very popular in Philatelic community, so some nice surprise can be (in catalog value).

Market? As usually, it is very difficult to say "stable" price, but somewhere between few hundred US$ per "superior" pack format, to 20-30.00 US$ per single (G. Titov), and some 40-50.00 US$ per souvenir pack, or 5-8.00 US$ per single stamp (U. Ggarin).

So, all depend of quantity printed around, but I think, that this issues will have "nice" future on the market!

Take it now, as smile in the future!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Italian Occupation - FIUME-KUPA 1942:

Here we have one great history of this very important place on Adriatic Sea.
Shortly just to inform about FIUME - Free State of, even that most of collectors have this knowledge, but "new generation" hardly know even where it is!

FIUME have an name on map long time back. In 1917 this territory first have an autonomy, at the time of Roman Empire, as free port. With a time go, this territory was under Hungarian Empire, than to Croatian "ban", than back and forth, till it come to the hands of Kingdom of Yugoslavia and so on.

In WWI it was under Italian Occupation, and as usually postage stamps was made.
This time, it was just postage stamps, which was available in Kingdom of Yugoslavia, King Peter II (Yugoslavia, 1939 issue) overprinted in Italian language ZONA/OCCUPATA/FIUMANO/KUPA, and so on with other text as O. N. M. I. or this one for "Maternity and Childhood" - Pro Maternita e Infanzia".

FIUME-KUPA "lived" very short period, from 1941 to 1943, and have just few postage stamps issued, all come of this Yugoslavia King Peter Ii issue, all together just four sets made, with first overprint come on May 16, 1941, set of 14 values. Next was in Jun 1941 with three value in set, than another overprint with overprint MEMENTO AVDERE SEMPER and one shown, which come on 1942 year, set of three value.

First set of 14 values, have an really great catalog value (Michel catalog number 1/14) of 13 000.00 euro for mnh condition.
Second set (Michel catalog number 15/17), with 15.00 euro for mnh condition.
Third single with two overprint variation (in black or violet color, Michel number 18a/b), have one good catalog price of 35.00 or 150.00 euro per sample.
last one (shown), is set of three value (Michel catalog number 19/21), with affordable 36.00 euro per set in mnh condition.

Little bit strange, but I don't see this catalog mark ("Falsh") near any of this issues, mean there is not known fake on market, but, for sure, I will suggest to everyone, if will go and purchase this issues, to go and buy it from really trusted dealer, or to have it with certificate, You know well that certificate is worth price!

Now, what You will find on market or internet offerings?
Little, better say almost nothing offered!
And that I see, is valued from full catalog, to even 300% up to catalog prices.
So, good luck! 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Travel & Philately:

Travel & Philately

Two great passions, which make our life more interesting, better, and in the end, live some "traces" to future generation.

Even that I'm not fun of visiting Antarctic, or other "untouched" part of our planet, I like when 
people, that visit far end of the world, bring back home memory in the form of post card or letter, properly canceled.

From this kind of artifact, our future generation, can learn a lot, as properly canceled post card or letter, give us some great information about place we visited.
Recently, I received this post card (as a gift), so I was happy to research little bit, about place 
someone visited.

As I read from cancel, it is Port Lockroy Post Office, which produced this clear cancel on British Antarctic Territory (BAT as better known in "Philatelic" language), postage stamp.

Happy to see, that cancel is actually applied on stamp, so we (collectors) have this nice feeling to know that, YEAH, there are humans there! Personally, I hate "industry" made tourist items, in form of post card with imprinted cancel on it.

On same side of post card, near post office cancel, are another cancel, with penguin as central figure, and with coordinates of same Port Lockroy, than third cancel for Antarctic Heritage Trust.
Stamp used for postage come from 2014 year set of 5 stamps, for Airmail Postcard
(65 p face value). Stamp is produced in small format, so you will need lenses to see the beauty of design.

Stamp used on this post card, actually don't have "great" market value (around 1.50 US$ in mint or used condition), but full set of five stamps, can reach near 8.00 US$, on some online sites, and as on 
eBay, I see that people are offering it for near 12.00 US$ plus postage.

Will this item(s) have any market value in the future?
Hardly. I'm sure that BAT produced enough quantity to fill dealers need, so market will have it in offer for near or far future, and as tourist visit this places more and more frequently, that say, there will be lot of this kind post card around. But, who know what future will bring to us!
So, go, travel, spend on it, bring back home memory in form of PHILATELIC item(s), which will keep "traces" of You, to the future.
In the end, our next generations will have nice memory of us, probably, this way, we will keep 

Again, great THANK go to Assaf Ben-Ary
(אסף בן ארי)
father, for this post card.