Saturday, October 22, 2016

Serbia - new issue 2016:

23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies - Belgrade 2016:

What to say, just "wow", and great!
This come to the market well on Aug. 22, 2016, to promote "23rd International Congress of Byzantine Study", which was held in Belgrade, Serbia this (2016) year.

Set of eight stamps, with very affordable face value, and with really great design by two artist (MA Marina Kalezich, MA Nadezhda Skochajich), this made it great!

We have (image on stamps) shown:
Grachanica Monastery, The Sarcophagus of  St. Stephan Dechansky, 
The Initial "V" (from manuscript of Isaak Sirin), Mother of God (from the Annunciation, 
Emperor Urosh and King Vukashin, Kalenich Monastery,
Archibishop Sava, Mother of God of Sokolica.

Why I say "great" for this issue?
Because in very "short" way, it is explained early period of Serbian history, with significance for education of future generation and whole world population, about Serbia and Serbian people.
Clearly, here we don't see any "modern" political intention, and it is "pure" scientific "show" of fact and proof that Serbian people have one history in written document, dated back to 1200+ year!

I'm just happy to see that Serbia and Serbian Post made this issue, because not every country in our small planet, still care about own peoples history. And not many made it by postage stamps as mean to show it! It is forever, it is written and it is effort worth to celebrate!

Glad to see, that responsible people in Serbian Post, also care about relatively low face value of this set, as face value come close to  3.40 US$, which will be affordable by any level collector that collect topical as: Religion, Churches, Archaeology, Manuscripts, Sculpture.... and some more.
How much will dealer ask? I think, that dealer will not go bellow 6.00 to 8.00 US$ per booklet, for near period. Probability that price will go down depend on availability of same issue, but, if Serbian Post decide to supply it in big quantities, that hope for "better" price exist.

 (See this article also on my another blog page:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Serbia: Classic period

This is one country (Serbia) with very interesting history!
 From great battle on Kosovo territory against Great Turkish Empire, till today's time!
How it affect Philately are very visible on, when someone wish to make complete collection, which can be almost impossible task.
In this small world, I know probably just one or two person that have it completed, and next 15 to 20 who reach one serious level.
We know that Serbia made first postage stamp on 1866 (May), with Coat of Arms design, and following it, come next issue (July) with Prince Mihailo Obrenovic III portrait on stamp.

(1967 issue, folded on middle)

When talking about completing this country in postage stamp collection, we must to understand, that stamps from this period, because time period, printing quality, and history, are mostly impossible to find in perfect, or even "good" condition. Most of material will be without glue, and with heavy hinges on back, if You will find samples without "rust", You can say "Hallelujah"!
There will be, as usually "missing" corner, or folded (as shown on photo), otherwise, if someone will offer You this period material in "perfect" or "very good" condition, be very suspicious, as it can be some kind of fake. There is NO samples of in perfect condition.

(1869 issue, missing "corner")

As You see from this issue from 1869 year (Prince Milan Obrenovic), there is "normal" quality You will (very hard) find on free market.
Another obstacle come with perforation varieties that are registered in Michel catalog, and there is many of it!

(1869 issue, perforation varieties)

So, what is reason that I say "Stamp Must Have"?
With all this quality in question, I still say, You MUST have it if You wish to make one serious collection, that will have market value, and that when "we" pass away, our children/s or grand-children/s will have something about what to talk, something that have VALUE!

I try to search market and collectors who offer this material on web or on direct sales, and result are very "grave"!
See in Michel catalog, and from first line You can read, that mentioned prices are for HINGED, to very hinged quality! Mean, that in good quality, You will pay premium over full catalog value, if You have luck to find it at all!
For items, that have high catalog value, obviously, You will need certificate, as price ranged from few $ to few thousand $ per sample!

That mean, if You go for "hunting" this material, do it just from personal dealer, or take risk (which can cost You lot)!
Good luck and "Mazal Tov" (מזל טוב) to any good purchase!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Yugoslavia - CETINJE issue 1945

...this come on end of WWII (1945), as fresh made Yugoslavia, overprint on Montenegro issue (under Italy occupation), set of 11 values, 

and additional PORTO issue of two values.

As technology at the time was not so advanced (according today's standard), there are some errors in typing, probably in printing plant, there are some missing latter so worker use "similar" letter in composing this overprint.

Here You can see one error on "A" letter (instead, used "D").

Michel catalog value it well, two sets and one value with error, can reach on market more than 700.00 euros, as this issue are very hard to find on market, reason are 7000/10 000 sets printed.

So keep an eye on this issue, and if You can afford, buy it!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Slovakia 2015 "Mucha" Art issue:

Must to admit, that this issue will be under "hard to ignore" status!
Something that "run" over mind for any serious collection, as it is great made, again and again "Mucha" (, art are shown on postage stamp!

Here it is shown on FDC (engraved by: Frantisek Horniak), and showing us single stamp, which was Mucha work from painting that are placed on entrance door of restaurant in the Lux Hotel Thermia palace in Pies'tan city.

On FDC You can not see detail of stamp alone, as You will need to have it on front of Your eye, but on this sheet of 4, it is well visible:

...such great elements involved in painting, element as young woman, fruit, composition of color, all this will bring us one perfect picture to see and remember! What better way as to have it in album?
There is another one option, made by Posta Slovenska (Slovakian Post), which made it without perforation, and two line over value (as to prevent postage use of it):

...what give us the "feeling" of value, are actually, technique in producing this stamp. Engraved way of it, make us "feel" color and composition, it come deep to person eye and stay in memory for long time to come!

What to say about value of same?
As it is just new issue, recently released from post, it will be easy available in short time to the future and You can obtain it with simple walk to the post office, but as quantity are not so great, stamp alone are printed in 80 000 quantity, which will give us 20 000 sheets of 4 stamp. As we know that lot of people collect topic as "Art", also there is lot of people that specialized just in "Mucha" work on postage stamps, so 20 000 of small sheets are well under need for all!
Than it come this imperforated option, which are printed even in less quantity, so try to find it on free market.
Probability that it will be available, in short term, for face value are slim, but little bit over it, in next half year, it will be available. Even on "exchange" base, You will be able to have it in next half year, but after that You will need some extra money!
Single stamp are 1.20 euro, and it is offered on web for around 2.00 US$ + postage, which will actually be some double face value, but I don't see it offered in sheet of 4 option and no perforation option are also out of offering.
So, You will need to contact Your personal supplier, if he/she can supply it but cost will go up, probably somewhere between 14.00 to 16.00 US$ per sample. 

I will suggest to all, to find it now, so avoid paying much more in future, because this "ART" will be in demand!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Israel 2015 New ATM:

No, don't to worry, I didn't put it under "Stamp Must Have" because it is new ATM!

To explain, I will go back little bit more than half year, when suddenly, ATM machine that was in CPO in my city, start to made one nice "rarities", "errors" as this one with double face value:

I was happy, as not everyone, or all collectors around have this chance to be at the "right place, at the right moment", so, I come again after week, and machine was covered with sheet cover over it: OUT OF ORDER!

So, I call one person responsible for ATM machines in Israel Post Company, even that I didn't have any hope for some precise explanation or answers, any way, I call this person, and one really nice voice told me that within six months, new machine will be there, with new design, as also new printing process (they call it Termo Transfer process)! 
Skeptical as I'm, I just waited to see what will be.

So, in middle of May, I call again, because in CPO "old" machine was still there, and this voice again assured me that on 1st of June, 2015, new machine will be there working!

Fine, I come to the CPO not on 1st of month, but 4th, as to give little bit "space" for possible delay.
And, Hallelujah!

Machine was there, brand new! And it work!
You must understand that for "Middle East" mentality, something happen "at the time as stated", and is working, it is very nearly as miracle!

New machine, under number #300, with option for 6 fares, as shown on picture:

the option #7 is for printing in one step, all set of six values!
So, I continue, making some sets, and "normally", something will be wrong, it was, that even as stated, that exist option to pay by credit card, it is not possible, what make me angry, was, that in the end of ordering material, machine will tell You that no payment possible, for this order, by credit card! So, cash is just one option, which I made, and pay.

So, here it is set of six value:

I can not resist to comment about design, as it have one really amateur way of expression, "copy" paste from main web page of Israel Post Company, but what I see from design is, that no mail are carried by train?
Next come, this truck, which is positioned across road, and no one can move forward or go from opposite way - something that will tell me, actual situation in Post of Israel!

So, as is, I was really happy, that ATM machine finally come, at the time, and work properly - so, because it is new design, new machine, new printing process, I think, that this set, will fit well to this range as "Stamp Must Have"!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Serbia and Australia: new issues - worth to watch:

I never thought about new issues and IF it is worth to have keep in collection as "Stamp Must Have" class, simply, I don't pay attention about.

Recently, one issue from Australia and one from Serbia, made me "click", and think, that it will be worth to have it, as "in any case" situation, and time will tell us if I was correct!

Serbia: "Patriarch Pavle"

This issue, that come on market Sept. 11, 2014, made one fascinating premiere in collectors community. First because person alone, who was very popular in Serbia and in Serbian Orthodox Church. It is anniversary of 100 years of birth, and as this person was very respected, popular, authoritative in Serbian community and worldwide, this postage stamp almost disappear from market in 24 hours! Now, someone speculate, that it is all done by one or two stamp dealer/s just to manipulate market (what is not strange in Serbian collectors community), but I personally believe that it is simple matter of respect, popularity and interest in Serbia for this person (I also admire him, not because religion, but because his speeches and thinking)!

Now, face value of this issue, as one stamp issued, are really low, 23.00 Serbian dinar, as is worth today 0.24 US$, searching on web auctions, You will see that starting bid is placed on four time face value, and selling well by this 1.00 $ price tag per stamp. Probably from Your personal dealer, You can have it by half prices of this one $, but You will need to calculate also postage fee to have it on Your table. searching on groups around web, I come to information, that in Belgrade (Serbia), there is no available this issue! Why? Good question! As I know, Serbia have an very low quantity printing of any stamp issue, between 30 000 and 50 000 total per issue, and if we divide it to 9 stamp in printing sheet (shown) it will come to 3750 sheetlets of 8 stamp and gutter on middle! This sheetlet is very popular for collectors, as format, same as catalog listing that in world popular catalogs have very good prices.

Now if we will take minimum printed quantity of 30 000, with face value of 0.24 US$ per one, we will see that TOTAL value of all printed are 7200.00 US$! Too much for? I don't think! Even medium size stamp dealer can purchase all quantity, and manipulate market as wish!

Keep an eye on it!

Australia: "Concession Stamp"

This sef-adhesive stamp come on my table recently, and as all self-adhesive, I don't respect it well! Just examined it in one view, and thought to put it in stock page, but....
"Concession stamps for use only on letters within Australia", plus that my friend who supply it told me that this stamps are issued for pensioners/seniors, who need to produce card as verify status, and after that will have right to purchase limited quantity of same stamp! 

Now think alone: how many person will go, and produce this senior/pensioners card? How many persons actually use snail-mail today? How many pensioners/senior exist in Australia? How many same people are aware of existence of this stamp/services?

I think that rarely someone will use it on envelope, and too little people are aware of existence of this stamp! It is time consumpting to go to the gov't offices, made this card, or if You almost have this card, to go in Post Office, wait in line to purchase this stamp, and in the end, write mail and deliver it in post! 
This facts are main reason, that I think, will have impact of catalog/market value for this issue!
And in really postally used condition, on envelope, will be really hard to find! Probably dealers will have it in stock, in mint condition, but in really on cover used condition? 
Who know? In the end, time will tell!

Face value are just 3.00 AU$, as I see on web auctions, starting prices range from 5.00 AU$ to 16.00 US$ for mint booklet pane, to 7.50 AU$ per 100 gr used on paper. See also few offering for pair of mint for 7.50 AU$! Now, are that good investment?
Again - time will tell!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Yugoslavia 1953 year, 3th issue of "Industry":

Here is another issue of "Industry" (3th in row), with really nice design and one good catalog value.
We are talking of issue from Feb. 10, 1953 year, and wish to show You one "wide" set, that include also stamp from  Feb. 28, 1954. Michel catalog have it under number 717-723 and 760. 
What is specific in this set? 
Let's say, that it is nothing specific, but if You collect "Industry" or if You have this set in 1st or 2nd issue, it will be good to have also this 3th issue of same design, and if You will have it, have it in "wide" option where You have also 10 DIN in yellow green option, 5 DIN with "broken A", 8 DIN in black color and 15 DIN with vertical line under left hands of woman.
That will be "wide" set, which will have really nice impact of Your collection value.

What is catalog value? I will not polemic now of this question, but IF catalog value in Michel have it for basic set of 7 stamp, mint, nh condition for 90.00 euro, additional "option" for stamp 5 DIN will give plus 65.00 euro, 8 DIN next 8.00 euro, 10 DIN in yellow green color next 15.00 euro, 15 DIN with vertical line next 60.00 euro, and in the end 17 DIN from 1955 year will put next 4.00 euro to value. All together, from basic 90.00 euro will go up to 242.00 euro catalog value!

Someone will say, it is just catalog value and NOT market value, and I will agree! Will suggest to visit on-line store, auction houses, dealers and try to find even one offering to sell in this "wide" option!
No one to find! 99% of collectors will say, so - we will not have it - not big deal! It is just hobby in the end! Agree in principle, but what will Your future children's or grandchildren have in as to remember You, is great stamp issue, great complete and wide set, and in the end, great "card" in hands if they decide to sell Your collection!