Friday, June 29, 2012

Bosnia - Republic Serpska Titanic issue 2012

You know, I saw lot of issues this year with "Titanic" topic. Start with National Geographic celebrating 100 year of  "Titanic", to many countries around globe, "jumping on train" and making some kind of "celebration" in this occasion.

All of  what I saw, come to, or near to "junk" status by my opinion. I don't see any need to make postage stamp, with some "personal" expression of artist, who will craft some pictures, and on it, You need really all Your imagination to recognize same ship about You are "talking" on picture.

Probably someone like it - in the way of, name "fly" on sky over ship, someone can like other "new way" of art, but when we, or better, if we want to give some respect to constructor, people that are gone with this ship, crew members and other - we need to made one clear design, that will reflect "soul" of same ship and give some kind of historic mark to the future generation, that will see, on postage stamp, really near original picture of tragedy ship that happened in past.

Republica Serpska also made one issue, and I can say just: Respect! To effort, to artist, to printer and to all involved in making this issue to be "flagship" of Post of Republica Srpska!

This issue, set of 2 stamp, come out on April 23, 2012, Fist Day cancel of Banja Luka.
Official site say that issue come out on April 10, but it happened (First Day Cancel) April 23, and printing quantity will give just 20 000 sets, and 300 FDC's.

Face value of combined, 3.00 KnM, (1.00 USD = 1.54 KnM), if we go to search little bit, You will find many different prices on market for this set. Somewhere on 3.00 euro to 10.00 $ per set, and I don't see lot of it offered on web shops.

On this page, because of size image, hardly that You can "feel" the beauty of this design, You will need stamp in Your hands, some "zoom" lens if You wish to "feel and see" all detail of this issue!

To mark this (Titanic) tragedy, Posta Srpske made this set with two stamp, Titanic and Hindenburg - that will make "life hard" for collectors, because both topic are very popular with collectors!

In the end, I can say just - try to obtain it, prices are still affordable!

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