Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kosovo - Breast Cancer issue of 2008:

Not long ago, I made one page regarding this common issue of USA Scott #B1, that many countries around world made. Will not go again to describe high-minded effort that we have with. My intention is to show some nice item/cover that I recently received, and, according my opinion will be worth to keep in collection for future generation.

Lot of countries made this stamp, exactly number I don't know, but between all, I can mention this Kosovo (Serbian Autonomy), Hungary, Jordan and some other "privately owned" countries around. 

Let's talk about this Kosovo envelope that I examined, and some "funny" fact, that You can read "between line" intrigued me to write this page.

First to mention this cover that have four stamp attached on, with face value of 2.20 euro, that is fare for international, recommended air-mail shipment, we have two stamp of "Breast cancer" [Michel #115] issue and two stamp of "B-Fly 2012" issue. very nice cancel applied by Prishtina Post Office, post code 10110, that is still old Yugoslavian post code number, and style of post code numbering. Very easy, ordinary human can take it lake "symbol" that people of Kosovo still want Yugoslavia.

Even that some half of world countries (less that 90 if I'm correct, mostly "private owned" countries and also some "big Konan destroyer" countries) almost recognized Kosovo like independent country (still far away from 51%), I noticed that (from this cover) one "funny"detail, that everyone can take according personal logic, and it is that on "R" sticker (RA100 665701KS) are letter "KS"! 

It is initials for what (:-)) - Kosovo SERBIA?

After, come one very ugly post worker marking of 1 (3)/7 by marker, handwriting, that made "Kosovo cover" very ugly make up!  To made thing worse, Israel Post, applied one "red sticker info", that is in use here, when some mail come from "unstable problematic countries", and which warn receiver about not to open mail if You don't know sender. Public probably know well why this warning are, and it is justified when mail come from "not so recognized" countries or places.

As is - is, I will suggest, to have one envelope like this in collection, if nothing else, just for record of "stupid time in history"!

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