Friday, December 18, 2015

Slovakia 2015 "Mucha" Art issue:

Must to admit, that this issue will be under "hard to ignore" status!
Something that "run" over mind for any serious collection, as it is great made, again and again "Mucha" (, art are shown on postage stamp!

Here it is shown on FDC (engraved by: Frantisek Horniak), and showing us single stamp, which was Mucha work from painting that are placed on entrance door of restaurant in the Lux Hotel Thermia palace in Pies'tan city.

On FDC You can not see detail of stamp alone, as You will need to have it on front of Your eye, but on this sheet of 4, it is well visible:

...such great elements involved in painting, element as young woman, fruit, composition of color, all this will bring us one perfect picture to see and remember! What better way as to have it in album?
There is another one option, made by Posta Slovenska (Slovakian Post), which made it without perforation, and two line over value (as to prevent postage use of it):

...what give us the "feeling" of value, are actually, technique in producing this stamp. Engraved way of it, make us "feel" color and composition, it come deep to person eye and stay in memory for long time to come!

What to say about value of same?
As it is just new issue, recently released from post, it will be easy available in short time to the future and You can obtain it with simple walk to the post office, but as quantity are not so great, stamp alone are printed in 80 000 quantity, which will give us 20 000 sheets of 4 stamp. As we know that lot of people collect topic as "Art", also there is lot of people that specialized just in "Mucha" work on postage stamps, so 20 000 of small sheets are well under need for all!
Than it come this imperforated option, which are printed even in less quantity, so try to find it on free market.
Probability that it will be available, in short term, for face value are slim, but little bit over it, in next half year, it will be available. Even on "exchange" base, You will be able to have it in next half year, but after that You will need some extra money!
Single stamp are 1.20 euro, and it is offered on web for around 2.00 US$ + postage, which will actually be some double face value, but I don't see it offered in sheet of 4 option and no perforation option are also out of offering.
So, You will need to contact Your personal supplier, if he/she can supply it but cost will go up, probably somewhere between 14.00 to 16.00 US$ per sample. 

I will suggest to all, to find it now, so avoid paying much more in future, because this "ART" will be in demand!