Friday, January 21, 2011

P. R. of China 2010 issue:

Just recently received shipment from China, with two hard cover albums for year set of 2010. First, I'm really happy to see that China Post have and continue with one really great design and quality of stamp, and stamp album at all!

Hard cover, well illustrated, well printed, and this last shipment in hard cover pages inside this year album - lux that no every country on this globe can afford to produce. Yes, all depend on peoples that will or will not to purchase this albums, but I made it and obtained - really happy for it.

Prices for this two albums, with postage included from China, "R-Air Mail" - I pay high, around 240.00 US$, that is lot at the moment that whole year set of 2010 can be obtained from dealers for 46.00 US$, but in this two albums are included also sheetlets, booklets and albums alone - all this will rise prices 5x - expensive, but worth it!

What I want to say, is this one issue, numbered at 2010-19, "Musician", portrait of Bach, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. All together face value of 8.10 RNB - no high at all, but design, printing (engraving and offset) are well done. I see that it is printed in printing sheet of 20 (not included in year album), and still didn't see anywhere FDC - but will try to obtain also this two option.

Here, according SG new edition catalog, set is valued at 4.25 BP, but in China it is selling around 1.70 US$ - which a really low value for this precise art work!

Friday, January 7, 2011

P. R. China - Scientist, 1955 yr.

Scott numbered it 245-248a, China catalog C33M Scientist of Ancient China, issued Aug.25, 1955.

Not that it is made with great perfection, but for 1955 year, ethnology level, printing machines, color quality etc, this issue can be named like best -of-the-best!

Simple design give even more beauty to this m/s, and portrait are fine balanced.

here come persons on stamp:
Tsu Chungchin (429-500), mathematics
Chang Heng (78-139), astronomy,
Chang Siu (683-727), astronomy,
Li Shin-chen (1518-1593), physic & pharmacology.

All four stamp are face valued of 8f, at this time standard rate for all China stamp, and with this magic number "8" that characterized China effort in all field of life, from planning economy to the simple day-life.

One color, gravure, paper choice - give just "taste" in Philately, and in wish to include it in every serious collection. Catalog value as in Scott or in China catalog from 1998 and 2006 year, give nice value of 90-100 US$ per set, in mint condition - but if we go to explore little auction houses and eBay, we will discover very fine rise in prices. I see that on market, prices ranged around 300+ US$ per set of four m/s and set in mint condition - this is very nice investment opportunity, even today when we have "great recession"!

Overall feeling for this country philatelic material are and this period - simple, buy it at first glance! mint, used, CTO - don't think twice - even if market will go down, and prices will drop (that I can not see in near future), material will be more and more rare! Too many are going back to mainland, too many collectors in China want this period, material back to collection and offer are near minimum, that what I see on market are very-very high prices!

Right from SG #17 edition catalog, I see that it have 27.00 BP per set and 225.00 BP per four sheets, on China web - it have very great shortage in stock, and single that was available in 2007 year was sold same moment when offered, at the time it was sold for 16.00 $ per set and 144.00 $ per m/s.