Sunday, January 22, 2012

Israel "First Coins" issue:

Even that I deal with stamp for more than 25 years around, rarely that I come across items like this issue, which recently, I sold to  my client that I will be free to say, is collector "Who Know What Philately Is"!

No more, and no less!

About what is talking?! For sure, about stamp, that MUST be included in any serious collection, if - IF - we (collectors) want to leave collection worth, to our future generation!

Here it is one short description: 
"First Coin" issue #1-9 (in all categories), that is issued by Israel on 1948 yr. Some stamp from this set come to my hand also before, but never in this perfect condition, even that 1-6 is really great condition, I didn't manage to find last three value in mint condition, but was happy to have 7-9 in perfectly used condition, that will fit well in my client hands! If it is worth this investment? I think - yes! Why? See, Scott for 2006 valued it at: 1-6 mint + tab = 210.00 $, and 7-9 mint + tab = 4750.00 $.
Searching around most know auction and dealers, I didn't manage to find prices in this range and 1-6 is worth around 550.00 $, 7-9 used only I managed to find, and this go for 1900.00 $. 

What is more important, is that for this kind of investment, preferable is to have it examined and certified - because this money is worth it! Here in picture, You have it shown - and I think it is great! Yes, certification will cost You additional expenses, that can reach, for this set - more or less between 250-300.00 $.

Worth this money? 2006 year 210.00 $ - 2012 year it is 550.00 $ - just don't say to me that it is "worth how much collector is willing to pay", because You and I know that it is worth it, even that not every collector is willing to pay it!

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