Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Serbian Autonomy Kosovo

Like most of us know, Serbia have two autonomy. One is Kosovo and second Voivodina.

Because destruction of Yugoslavia made some mess around this Balkan territory, with democracy far away from ordinary people, with "no asking" policy when is talking about future of Yugoslavia and Yugoslavian citizen, civil war erupted.

Big power come in (big power = conglomerates and company), with clear intention to "divide and rule" - which resulted, in bombing and final destruction of Yugoslavia, mostly Serbia. Here come one interesting case - Kosovo (text from Wikipedia):

Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia was enacted on Sunday, 17 February 2008 by a unanimous quorum[1] of theAssembly of Kosovo, with 109 in favor and with no opposition, with all 11 representatives of the Serb minority boycotting the proceedings.[2] International reaction was mixed, and the world community continues to be divided on the issue of the international recognition of Kosovo.
As of 18 November 2010, 72 out of 192 (38%) United Nationsmember states have formally recognised the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state. Notably, 22 out of 27 (81%) member states of the European Union and 24 out of 28 (86%) member states of NATOhave recognised Kosovo. Serbia refuses to recognise it.
I will not comment now why international community think that "unanimous quorum" can be legalized like democracy or basic for independence, but I will show some fact that is at present there - and some very fine postally used cover, that say opposite of that what EU or USA or NATO countries wish to present worldwide!

When Yugoslavian Army and NATO Force made final agreement that ended bombing of Yugoslavia, Kosovo come under UN Administration for managing Autonomy. I can not say that it was actually occupied by UN Forces, but very near that.

From mid-May 2000 - UN managed also Post and Telecommunication in Kosovo, till when UN forces didn't decided to "run away" (around 2007), and Kosovo start to issue own postage stamp. But - because Kosovo is divided within Muslim population (part) and Serbian population (part), Serbian people continue to keep "order" and Post Offices that are on this territory still have Serbian postage stamp attached and in use. Here is some samples, recently used envelope, delivered to me that have Serbian stamp on it.

Till now, I have 13 different Post Offices cancel, I really don't know how much at all existed there, but it will be very interesting to have it in collection that specialized for Serbia. 

Value are enormous, because in fact, it is one fact-telling material, that can be used like history in every mean.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bosnia - Serbian part - Republic Srpska

Just today received one great issue from Republic Serbska (Bosnia, Serbian part), it surprised me like with design, massage, history and importance!

Here is part of promotional text that are attached from official site of Poste Srpske, hope that this Authority will not be angry with me because copy right issue:

"...Poste Srpske on the occasion of World Post Day in October 9th issue commemorative stamp with great philatelic interesting thing “Private perforation Banjaluka” connected to the Monastery in Trapisti “Marija Zvijezda” in Banjaluka. Private perforation appeared only on the stamp with the nominal value of 45 hellers, because it is mostly used to deliver packages to the famous cheese “Trappist”. After the stock of perforated stamps were spent, they started to use not perforated sheets of stamps of 45 heller. Monastery got from the post office not perforated stamps in the lack of postal stamp, and because of easier handling, people in the Monastery perforated those not perforated stamps with their perforator in the line perforation 11 ½.
So, one special perforation was created, that was known in the philatelic world as “private perforation Banja Luka” and it was used in the short period during 1910..."

So clever move from this country that I didn't see same or near same move from many other countries in last period! Here we have some topical that can be mentioned, like "stamp on stamp", "cheese", "olive", "building" and some more - it is also nicely designed, arranged and printed - in description it is also very educated from philatelist point of view - I never know this fact about perforation for this stamp - that it is in use just in monastery - someone know it?

Now, how much it will be rare we can just imagine, because hardly that all collectors will have it in mind and know about this issue, and rarity is connected on demand vs availability, but small quantity printed will have an impact, it is just 15 000 pcs printed - I think, most will be delivered to subscribers, and very small quantity will be used on regular mail - because that - if You can obtain it on cover - keep it in Your possession and track the market - You will find very good surprise I think!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Czechoslovakia Michel # 1805 kleinbogen

Searching around my stock for something nice, and thinking that Durer was great!

Here I come across issue from Czechoslovakia (dead country collectors can be interested), year of issue 6 July, 1968. 42 years ago, and so beautiful production, so quality of printing, engraved, color composition hardly that You can imagine it!

This issue is named after 37th Congress FIP, issued in block of four with gutter between two horizontally stamp. On gutter printed World Stamp Exhibition - that was held in Prague (today Czech republic capital city), topic is like You see, Art, Painting, Bible, and some more if You want. In Czech catalog (Specializovana Prirucka, edition from 1988) this issue is named also like auto portrait of Durer. What this Czech catalog have when talking about prices? Not something big, just 60 point - if it is not clear for collectors, it is quality point measurement accepted by Commission in any International held exhibition. Now, when I see on Michel (2007 edition) catalog, there is very nice prices for sheet of 4, 30.00 euro in mint condition, that will fit nice in any collection. But - probably, to find it in perfect condition will be little bit hard task, because period (42 year old item), glue that are cube shaped and very "soft", humidity will attack it "on spot" - because that, handle it very carefully when in Your hand!

Scott catalog (#1555) have prices just for single stamp, and mentioning that existed sheets of 2x2 with label, without stating prices, single stamp have it 3.75 $ against 5.00 euro in Michel, I think that this stamp deserve more than 3.75 $, near full prices of Michel, but it is upon collectors to decide.

I will see just according quantity printed, single stamp are printed 632 400 pcs, and sheet of 4 in just 27 431! Quantity is reasonable for this kind of issue, because many people will search for it if want to complete any serious collection of Art!

Now, we all know, that catalog prices are just "orientation" for market, and Michel catalog have it almost for any country reduced - and for Czechoslovakia, probably You will find it for minimum/maximum 50% catalog value - mean - very affordable for "People Who Know what Philately Is"!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pitcairn Island:

Darwin Charles, 2009 issue: This country surprised me again! 2009 year, many countries around globe issued this set, to commemorate Bicentenary of the Birth of Charles Darwin (1809-1882), but - I see one of best design just from this country, and maybe Serbia can come close to it - but not so great like Pitcairn Island.

Here we have set of 4, face value of 7.50 NZ$, with main picture of great Darwin there, but also fauna topic around main picture, plus one nice ship - here it will be hard for topical collectors, because fauna, ship, birds topic are included in this set - I don't see what is quantity printed, but if we know that it is printing sheet of 2 panes of 15 stamp with central gutter - it will be very hard to complete and include it in Your collection. Here will be some option to have, like set, gutter between, pane of 15, and probably complete printing sheet - it will take You some nice money just for this issue. But I think, that because of beauty of set - it is worth.

Stamps are issued on 24 June 2009, and will be in on sale for period of 2 years, mean till June 2011, full year You have to obtain it. FD cancel is also very nicely designed, that will fit well in collection.

If we know that face value is 7.50 NZ$ - it is not so big deal for single set, I see that on web dealer, they are pricing same set for around 5.00 GBP - some more and some little bit less - but, difference is not small.

What to say about Darwin? Most of us know almost everything that we need to know, and I will just repeat - when most in Europe believe that world was created by God, Darwin wrote that evolution occur! It was great "bomb" in religious community that was "boss" of the world - and I think, from there start all evolution and revolution around globe!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Slovakia 2010

Even that it is new issue, I must say clearly, include it in Your collection! It is worth, it is great, it is best issue in all history of Slovakian Post - and it will have nice value!

About what is talking? This is one issue named for "400 yr of Zilina Synod" - in description for this issue on Slovakia Post web site, between all, it say: "...the Zilina Synod meant constitution and creation church organization of Evangelical Church...".

Issued on March 30, 2010, one s/s, with single value stamp on, face value are 1.10 euro, (by way, Slovakia installed euro like Slovakian currency, which are, by my opinion, very great dumb move), quantity printed are just 60 000 - too low for all collectors, hardly that You will find it postally used on envelope - and also because many topic collectors will need it in personal collection. You can include it to art, religion, churches, history, birds, Bible and one more intriqued - to JUDAICA topic!

Why Judaica when it is Evangelical Church? See on top/middle of stamp! There is name "God" in Hebrew inscription (even that it is against Jewish tradition to "..use God name in no reason occasion..."). and also one "Magen david star".

But what to say about overall impression for this sheet? I think it is masterpiece! Gravure, color, detail, composition - in one - perfect work!!!!

And black print? Even more than original in beauty! For black print, I don't have information about quantity printed, it is not available on web site, but every one sheet in black color have numeration imprinted - samples that I have are numbered 001509 and 001510 - probably, no more than few thousand, but I can not say for sure. sales prices for black print directly from Slovak Post are 2.50 euro, if You will add next expense for postage delivery, payment delivery, and delivery to Your client - that will rise prices to almost 12-15.00 euro in sales prices to final collectors - and after few year - no one will sell it in less than 50.00 euro per one - if You will be lucky to find seller.

I have just few left in my stock - and probably it will be offered just on "first come - first serve" basis.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jordan 2009 issue "Breast Cancer"

Even that I don't have lot information about this issue, I must to include it in collection, this is joint issue with USA and many other countries.

Same design like in every other country that issued it, between all I remember also Macedonia, Kosovo, other countries list You can obtain from Gerald Shean, who made one great collection of it.

Short info is here:

I have a small paper from Jordan Post that says the designer was Creative Marketing Solutions; the printer was Oriental Press, in Bahrain; and that the quantity was 5,000 stamps for each value. (I think there is only one value -- 30 Piaster).

From sheetlet, I can see that stamp are originally printed in one face value, but additional value of 30 piaster are imprinted - probably that will go to charity.

For me, design are really great! Body and "pain" color are well represented - and design alone are well done job.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Czech Republic, 2009, Praga Gallery

And again, Czech republic made us happy - I will shout again - HAPPY - and thanks to Czech Post! 

This is one really great work, great choice for ART stamp, to give one presentation of work from Frantisek Zenisek (1849-1916), with his work "Oldrich and Bozena" from 1884 yr. I really ask - why, but why other countries didn't made same design, same tehnique to made stamp? Just Czech Post have money for it? Other countries, with bigger industry and population didn't do it! Why? Just because stamp are less valued from other things? If I don't make mistake, stamp are legal tender, to pay some service - isn't? Same like money! This sheet/block are really one art work! Face value are 1.90 US$ at present, but hurry to obtain it from Post in Czech, because in next few month Michel catalogue will valued it much-much more! If You will choice/prefer dealer to supply You with it - prepare to pay twice face value - and in the near future it will go for three time more. I don't know what other collector think about, probably someone will prefer modern art, but I'm sure - everyone will like this one. Suggest to all, include it in Your collection!