Saturday, December 19, 2009

Czechoslovakia Michel Block 38 - Tiziano

For long period I didn't have time to "search" my stock with material that are available for sale, and today, simply, working around stamp, I "catch" this item at first sight! I don't know why, but it come like "star" - gravure, color, and composition of author, this beautiful block can tell us lot!

Michel block 38, Scott 2197, 

issued on 1978, Sept.12, originally, it is block 37, but additional imprit is made on the side of sheet for entrance ticket PRAGA Philatelic Exhibition - this inscription is main difference between two block, and yes - difference in prices also!
What "catch" my eye is main picture of Tiziano, and choice of author, to made two stamp out from this picture, where we have violinist (Apolon escorter), and King Midas. Music and death, King and escorter to death, King's thinking about punishment, beautiful lady taking skin of Apolon, with another devil bringing water to the scene - You can actually, sit against this issue (better against original picture, but...) and practicing Your feeling in art! Color in use, this finest expression of artist, it must be fascinating in original! I think, that this issue MUST be in every serious collection.

Prices have it different from Scott and Michel - they usually have it because market covering each territory of catalogue. Michel in Europe have an value of 40.00 euro for this block, that are much more higher that first block 37 (have it at 15.00 euro), and Scott in USA valued it at
just 25.00 $ - difference are great, but when I checked my evidence how much was sold from initial stock of 50 pcs before one year - I see that is left just 11 pcs - main market in Europe valued it well - in USA I sold just two copy - not enought for serious market - probably most collector need just basic issue and not this one imprinted.
I lok at quantity printed, and Michel tell us that it is 233700 copy imprinted, 371100 without inscription - not big quantity today, but probably, when it was Czechoslovakia it was enought for collectors around globe.
I wish to everyone serious collectors think about this issue - it is fascinating!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Czech republic - Nature Protection:

And here we come again! 
Really nice surprise for Jewish New Year (5770) - no, it don't have any connection, it simply, fell near this Jewish holiday - it is better say - like usually - continuing with nice topic of Protected Nature Reserve, which have an UNESCO recognition - because of beauty, because quantity printed, and because country origin - I think that it must be in every collection.

Issued on September 2, 2009 - face value of 53.00 KC (around 3.00 US$ per sheet), have an set of 4 value and 4 coupon. Printed in gravure and offsett color tehnique. Quantity is relatively low, 80 000 printed, that reflect probably collectors subscription and some quantity to be delivered to post offices - but hardly that You will find "many" on postally used cover around. I personally ordered one CTO just to have one in collection, and if we will count quantity that are used on FDC's - chance that You will find it on postally used cover are slim.
On stamps are shown: Eudia Pavonia, Aglia Tau, Cervus Elaphus, Bubo Bubo, Ciconia Nigra, Lunaria rediviva, Tyto Alba and on coupon is shown Caprimulgus Europeaus, Myotis Myotis, Smerinthus Ocellatus, Muscardinus Avellanarius and Rana dalmatina.

I will warmly recommended it to everyone!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Czech republic: Asian Art - 2009 year

I must say - better, SHOUT!!! Great-great-great!!!! Thanks to Czech Postal Authority to give us (collectors) this quality, this "clever" and human product, that fill collection perfectly with ART!!!!

I have this issue in my hand, recently receive it directly from Post of Czech, You can feel this gravure by Your finger, Your eye have an easy surf on every part of stamp, colors, design and dimension - all fit perfectly! I can just pray, that this country continue with it.

Here we have 2 stamp in set, one is 18 CKr face value (less than 1.00$US face), with Chinese culture drawing. Pictured is Lu Tung Pin, one from Eight Immortals. and second is 24 CKr face value (little over 1.10 US$), with Indonesia (Bali) culture. On this second value, we have pictured scene from Hindu epic Ramayana, king Rama and his wife Sita. Again one complex and hard to produce drawing - but result are LUXURY!
On the left side of FDC we have also gravure of Horse (China) and Sita (Indonesia/India), cover alone (FDC) are from high quality paper. This item will have value in the future, and it is continuing from previous ART issue, that come each year - hope it will continue.
For market prices, at present You can easy to obtain it from Post of Czech, but take in account, that You will need to send payment in advance, plus shipping and handling cost, that will rise face value nearly double-tripple if You will order just set - because that, I think that on free market You will need to prepare little bit more that face value, but over year or two, You will have nice item in collection, that are worth minimum 60% catalog value which will be actually 20-30% of that You invested.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slovakia - Michel #155 Kleinbogen "For Childrens"

Again one nice discovery in my stock - it come from Slovakia (before part of Czechoslovakia), issued December 18, 1944 - near end of WWII, country ruined, people displaced, no food and many children without parent left! One effort, by Post Authority to rise little money and issued this simple, but very eyecatching stamp. Two color print, and lot of visual talk/message - see just artistic work, two children, male and female in young age, relaxing view - every one who will put this picture in fron of eye will think and wish just peace.

What catalogue say? Michel have it correctly valued, single stamp have an 4.50 e value, that reflect correct value, but I will be very surprised if someone will find it in nh condition, mint, nh will have an premium for sure.
Follow: one small sheet of 8 stamp with vignete on middle that have catalogue value of 60.00 euro - this will be acceptable for mint, hinged, without original glue - but in mint, nh, og - You will need to pay much more - I'm affraid near 100-120 euro in best case.
Third option: in Michel catalogue are single stamp no perforated have an great value of 400.00 euro, possible too much for one stamp but it is rare and hardly available - I personally didn't come accross any in my carrieer.
Last option: are same sheet of 8 in imperforated condition - great 10 000.00 euro - possible too much for collectors, but it can be valued this high, because give me name of person who have it!!!!
Quantities are too small for this nice isue - 424 000 pcs issued, that will say - 50 000 sheet of 8 stamp possible on market, less situation in WWII, after that come period when people didn't have so good storage book, and period till today - all at all - little quantities on market. I think that premium prices can be well acceptable if You will find it on market.