Friday, October 29, 2010

Bosnia - Serbian part - Republic Srpska

Just today received one great issue from Republic Serbska (Bosnia, Serbian part), it surprised me like with design, massage, history and importance!

Here is part of promotional text that are attached from official site of Poste Srpske, hope that this Authority will not be angry with me because copy right issue:

"...Poste Srpske on the occasion of World Post Day in October 9th issue commemorative stamp with great philatelic interesting thing “Private perforation Banjaluka” connected to the Monastery in Trapisti “Marija Zvijezda” in Banjaluka. Private perforation appeared only on the stamp with the nominal value of 45 hellers, because it is mostly used to deliver packages to the famous cheese “Trappist”. After the stock of perforated stamps were spent, they started to use not perforated sheets of stamps of 45 heller. Monastery got from the post office not perforated stamps in the lack of postal stamp, and because of easier handling, people in the Monastery perforated those not perforated stamps with their perforator in the line perforation 11 ½.
So, one special perforation was created, that was known in the philatelic world as “private perforation Banja Luka” and it was used in the short period during 1910..."

So clever move from this country that I didn't see same or near same move from many other countries in last period! Here we have some topical that can be mentioned, like "stamp on stamp", "cheese", "olive", "building" and some more - it is also nicely designed, arranged and printed - in description it is also very educated from philatelist point of view - I never know this fact about perforation for this stamp - that it is in use just in monastery - someone know it?

Now, how much it will be rare we can just imagine, because hardly that all collectors will have it in mind and know about this issue, and rarity is connected on demand vs availability, but small quantity printed will have an impact, it is just 15 000 pcs printed - I think, most will be delivered to subscribers, and very small quantity will be used on regular mail - because that - if You can obtain it on cover - keep it in Your possession and track the market - You will find very good surprise I think!

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