Friday, May 7, 2010

Slovakia 2010

Even that it is new issue, I must say clearly, include it in Your collection! It is worth, it is great, it is best issue in all history of Slovakian Post - and it will have nice value!

About what is talking? This is one issue named for "400 yr of Zilina Synod" - in description for this issue on Slovakia Post web site, between all, it say: "...the Zilina Synod meant constitution and creation church organization of Evangelical Church...".

Issued on March 30, 2010, one s/s, with single value stamp on, face value are 1.10 euro, (by way, Slovakia installed euro like Slovakian currency, which are, by my opinion, very great dumb move), quantity printed are just 60 000 - too low for all collectors, hardly that You will find it postally used on envelope - and also because many topic collectors will need it in personal collection. You can include it to art, religion, churches, history, birds, Bible and one more intriqued - to JUDAICA topic!

Why Judaica when it is Evangelical Church? See on top/middle of stamp! There is name "God" in Hebrew inscription (even that it is against Jewish tradition to "..use God name in no reason occasion..."). and also one "Magen david star".

But what to say about overall impression for this sheet? I think it is masterpiece! Gravure, color, detail, composition - in one - perfect work!!!!

And black print? Even more than original in beauty! For black print, I don't have information about quantity printed, it is not available on web site, but every one sheet in black color have numeration imprinted - samples that I have are numbered 001509 and 001510 - probably, no more than few thousand, but I can not say for sure. sales prices for black print directly from Slovak Post are 2.50 euro, if You will add next expense for postage delivery, payment delivery, and delivery to Your client - that will rise prices to almost 12-15.00 euro in sales prices to final collectors - and after few year - no one will sell it in less than 50.00 euro per one - if You will be lucky to find seller.

I have just few left in my stock - and probably it will be offered just on "first come - first serve" basis.

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