Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pitcairn Island:

Darwin Charles, 2009 issue: This country surprised me again! 2009 year, many countries around globe issued this set, to commemorate Bicentenary of the Birth of Charles Darwin (1809-1882), but - I see one of best design just from this country, and maybe Serbia can come close to it - but not so great like Pitcairn Island.

Here we have set of 4, face value of 7.50 NZ$, with main picture of great Darwin there, but also fauna topic around main picture, plus one nice ship - here it will be hard for topical collectors, because fauna, ship, birds topic are included in this set - I don't see what is quantity printed, but if we know that it is printing sheet of 2 panes of 15 stamp with central gutter - it will be very hard to complete and include it in Your collection. Here will be some option to have, like set, gutter between, pane of 15, and probably complete printing sheet - it will take You some nice money just for this issue. But I think, that because of beauty of set - it is worth.

Stamps are issued on 24 June 2009, and will be in on sale for period of 2 years, mean till June 2011, full year You have to obtain it. FD cancel is also very nicely designed, that will fit well in collection.

If we know that face value is 7.50 NZ$ - it is not so big deal for single set, I see that on web dealer, they are pricing same set for around 5.00 GBP - some more and some little bit less - but, difference is not small.

What to say about Darwin? Most of us know almost everything that we need to know, and I will just repeat - when most in Europe believe that world was created by God, Darwin wrote that evolution occur! It was great "bomb" in religious community that was "boss" of the world - and I think, from there start all evolution and revolution around globe!

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