Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jordan 2009 issue "Breast Cancer"

Even that I don't have lot information about this issue, I must to include it in collection, this is joint issue with USA and many other countries.

Same design like in every other country that issued it, between all I remember also Macedonia, Kosovo, other countries list You can obtain from Gerald Shean, who made one great collection of it.

Short info is here:

I have a small paper from Jordan Post that says the designer was Creative Marketing Solutions; the printer was Oriental Press, in Bahrain; and that the quantity was 5,000 stamps for each value. (I think there is only one value -- 30 Piaster).

From sheetlet, I can see that stamp are originally printed in one face value, but additional value of 30 piaster are imprinted - probably that will go to charity.

For me, design are really great! Body and "pain" color are well represented - and design alone are well done job.

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