Friday, January 1, 2010

Czech Republic, 2009, Praga Gallery

And again, Czech republic made us happy - I will shout again - HAPPY - and thanks to Czech Post! 

This is one really great work, great choice for ART stamp, to give one presentation of work from Frantisek Zenisek (1849-1916), with his work "Oldrich and Bozena" from 1884 yr. I really ask - why, but why other countries didn't made same design, same tehnique to made stamp? Just Czech Post have money for it? Other countries, with bigger industry and population didn't do it! Why? Just because stamp are less valued from other things? If I don't make mistake, stamp are legal tender, to pay some service - isn't? Same like money! This sheet/block are really one art work! Face value are 1.90 US$ at present, but hurry to obtain it from Post in Czech, because in next few month Michel catalogue will valued it much-much more! If You will choice/prefer dealer to supply You with it - prepare to pay twice face value - and in the near future it will go for three time more. I don't know what other collector think about, probably someone will prefer modern art, but I'm sure - everyone will like this one. Suggest to all, include it in Your collection!
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