Saturday, October 25, 2014

Serbia and Australia: new issues - worth to watch:

I never thought about new issues and IF it is worth to have keep in collection as "Stamp Must Have" class, simply, I don't pay attention about.

Recently, one issue from Australia and one from Serbia, made me "click", and think, that it will be worth to have it, as "in any case" situation, and time will tell us if I was correct!

Serbia: "Patriarch Pavle"

This issue, that come on market Sept. 11, 2014, made one fascinating premiere in collectors community. First because person alone, who was very popular in Serbia and in Serbian Orthodox Church. It is anniversary of 100 years of birth, and as this person was very respected, popular, authoritative in Serbian community and worldwide, this postage stamp almost disappear from market in 24 hours! Now, someone speculate, that it is all done by one or two stamp dealer/s just to manipulate market (what is not strange in Serbian collectors community), but I personally believe that it is simple matter of respect, popularity and interest in Serbia for this person (I also admire him, not because religion, but because his speeches and thinking)!

Now, face value of this issue, as one stamp issued, are really low, 23.00 Serbian dinar, as is worth today 0.24 US$, searching on web auctions, You will see that starting bid is placed on four time face value, and selling well by this 1.00 $ price tag per stamp. Probably from Your personal dealer, You can have it by half prices of this one $, but You will need to calculate also postage fee to have it on Your table. searching on groups around web, I come to information, that in Belgrade (Serbia), there is no available this issue! Why? Good question! As I know, Serbia have an very low quantity printing of any stamp issue, between 30 000 and 50 000 total per issue, and if we divide it to 9 stamp in printing sheet (shown) it will come to 3750 sheetlets of 8 stamp and gutter on middle! This sheetlet is very popular for collectors, as format, same as catalog listing that in world popular catalogs have very good prices.

Now if we will take minimum printed quantity of 30 000, with face value of 0.24 US$ per one, we will see that TOTAL value of all printed are 7200.00 US$! Too much for? I don't think! Even medium size stamp dealer can purchase all quantity, and manipulate market as wish!

Keep an eye on it!

Australia: "Concession Stamp"

This sef-adhesive stamp come on my table recently, and as all self-adhesive, I don't respect it well! Just examined it in one view, and thought to put it in stock page, but....
"Concession stamps for use only on letters within Australia", plus that my friend who supply it told me that this stamps are issued for pensioners/seniors, who need to produce card as verify status, and after that will have right to purchase limited quantity of same stamp! 

Now think alone: how many person will go, and produce this senior/pensioners card? How many persons actually use snail-mail today? How many pensioners/senior exist in Australia? How many same people are aware of existence of this stamp/services?

I think that rarely someone will use it on envelope, and too little people are aware of existence of this stamp! It is time consumpting to go to the gov't offices, made this card, or if You almost have this card, to go in Post Office, wait in line to purchase this stamp, and in the end, write mail and deliver it in post! 
This facts are main reason, that I think, will have impact of catalog/market value for this issue!
And in really postally used condition, on envelope, will be really hard to find! Probably dealers will have it in stock, in mint condition, but in really on cover used condition? 
Who know? In the end, time will tell!

Face value are just 3.00 AU$, as I see on web auctions, starting prices range from 5.00 AU$ to 16.00 US$ for mint booklet pane, to 7.50 AU$ per 100 gr used on paper. See also few offering for pair of mint for 7.50 AU$! Now, are that good investment?
Again - time will tell!

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