Friday, June 5, 2015

Israel 2015 New ATM:

No, don't to worry, I didn't put it under "Stamp Must Have" because it is new ATM!

To explain, I will go back little bit more than half year, when suddenly, ATM machine that was in CPO in my city, start to made one nice "rarities", "errors" as this one with double face value:

I was happy, as not everyone, or all collectors around have this chance to be at the "right place, at the right moment", so, I come again after week, and machine was covered with sheet cover over it: OUT OF ORDER!

So, I call one person responsible for ATM machines in Israel Post Company, even that I didn't have any hope for some precise explanation or answers, any way, I call this person, and one really nice voice told me that within six months, new machine will be there, with new design, as also new printing process (they call it Termo Transfer process)! 
Skeptical as I'm, I just waited to see what will be.

So, in middle of May, I call again, because in CPO "old" machine was still there, and this voice again assured me that on 1st of June, 2015, new machine will be there working!

Fine, I come to the CPO not on 1st of month, but 4th, as to give little bit "space" for possible delay.
And, Hallelujah!

Machine was there, brand new! And it work!
You must understand that for "Middle East" mentality, something happen "at the time as stated", and is working, it is very nearly as miracle!

New machine, under number #300, with option for 6 fares, as shown on picture:

the option #7 is for printing in one step, all set of six values!
So, I continue, making some sets, and "normally", something will be wrong, it was, that even as stated, that exist option to pay by credit card, it is not possible, what make me angry, was, that in the end of ordering material, machine will tell You that no payment possible, for this order, by credit card! So, cash is just one option, which I made, and pay.

So, here it is set of six value:

I can not resist to comment about design, as it have one really amateur way of expression, "copy" paste from main web page of Israel Post Company, but what I see from design is, that no mail are carried by train?
Next come, this truck, which is positioned across road, and no one can move forward or go from opposite way - something that will tell me, actual situation in Post of Israel!

So, as is, I was really happy, that ATM machine finally come, at the time, and work properly - so, because it is new design, new machine, new printing process, I think, that this set, will fit well to this range as "Stamp Must Have"!

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