Saturday, May 24, 2014

Yugoslavia 1953 year, 3th issue of "Industry":

Here is another issue of "Industry" (3th in row), with really nice design and one good catalog value.
We are talking of issue from Feb. 10, 1953 year, and wish to show You one "wide" set, that include also stamp from  Feb. 28, 1954. Michel catalog have it under number 717-723 and 760. 
What is specific in this set? 
Let's say, that it is nothing specific, but if You collect "Industry" or if You have this set in 1st or 2nd issue, it will be good to have also this 3th issue of same design, and if You will have it, have it in "wide" option where You have also 10 DIN in yellow green option, 5 DIN with "broken A", 8 DIN in black color and 15 DIN with vertical line under left hands of woman.
That will be "wide" set, which will have really nice impact of Your collection value.

What is catalog value? I will not polemic now of this question, but IF catalog value in Michel have it for basic set of 7 stamp, mint, nh condition for 90.00 euro, additional "option" for stamp 5 DIN will give plus 65.00 euro, 8 DIN next 8.00 euro, 10 DIN in yellow green color next 15.00 euro, 15 DIN with vertical line next 60.00 euro, and in the end 17 DIN from 1955 year will put next 4.00 euro to value. All together, from basic 90.00 euro will go up to 242.00 euro catalog value!

Someone will say, it is just catalog value and NOT market value, and I will agree! Will suggest to visit on-line store, auction houses, dealers and try to find even one offering to sell in this "wide" option!
No one to find! 99% of collectors will say, so - we will not have it - not big deal! It is just hobby in the end! Agree in principle, but what will Your future children's or grandchildren have in as to remember You, is great stamp issue, great complete and wide set, and in the end, great "card" in hands if they decide to sell Your collection!

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