Friday, May 8, 2009

Czech republic: Asian Art - 2009 year

I must say - better, SHOUT!!! Great-great-great!!!! Thanks to Czech Postal Authority to give us (collectors) this quality, this "clever" and human product, that fill collection perfectly with ART!!!!

I have this issue in my hand, recently receive it directly from Post of Czech, You can feel this gravure by Your finger, Your eye have an easy surf on every part of stamp, colors, design and dimension - all fit perfectly! I can just pray, that this country continue with it.

Here we have 2 stamp in set, one is 18 CKr face value (less than 1.00$US face), with Chinese culture drawing. Pictured is Lu Tung Pin, one from Eight Immortals. and second is 24 CKr face value (little over 1.10 US$), with Indonesia (Bali) culture. On this second value, we have pictured scene from Hindu epic Ramayana, king Rama and his wife Sita. Again one complex and hard to produce drawing - but result are LUXURY!
On the left side of FDC we have also gravure of Horse (China) and Sita (Indonesia/India), cover alone (FDC) are from high quality paper. This item will have value in the future, and it is continuing from previous ART issue, that come each year - hope it will continue.
For market prices, at present You can easy to obtain it from Post of Czech, but take in account, that You will need to send payment in advance, plus shipping and handling cost, that will rise face value nearly double-tripple if You will order just set - because that, I think that on free market You will need to prepare little bit more that face value, but over year or two, You will have nice item in collection, that are worth minimum 60% catalog value which will be actually 20-30% of that You invested.
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