Saturday, September 19, 2009

Czech republic - Nature Protection:

And here we come again! 
Really nice surprise for Jewish New Year (5770) - no, it don't have any connection, it simply, fell near this Jewish holiday - it is better say - like usually - continuing with nice topic of Protected Nature Reserve, which have an UNESCO recognition - because of beauty, because quantity printed, and because country origin - I think that it must be in every collection.

Issued on September 2, 2009 - face value of 53.00 KC (around 3.00 US$ per sheet), have an set of 4 value and 4 coupon. Printed in gravure and offsett color tehnique. Quantity is relatively low, 80 000 printed, that reflect probably collectors subscription and some quantity to be delivered to post offices - but hardly that You will find "many" on postally used cover around. I personally ordered one CTO just to have one in collection, and if we will count quantity that are used on FDC's - chance that You will find it on postally used cover are slim.
On stamps are shown: Eudia Pavonia, Aglia Tau, Cervus Elaphus, Bubo Bubo, Ciconia Nigra, Lunaria rediviva, Tyto Alba and on coupon is shown Caprimulgus Europeaus, Myotis Myotis, Smerinthus Ocellatus, Muscardinus Avellanarius and Rana dalmatina.

I will warmly recommended it to everyone!
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