Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slovakia - Michel #155 Kleinbogen "For Childrens"

Again one nice discovery in my stock - it come from Slovakia (before part of Czechoslovakia), issued December 18, 1944 - near end of WWII, country ruined, people displaced, no food and many children without parent left! One effort, by Post Authority to rise little money and issued this simple, but very eyecatching stamp. Two color print, and lot of visual talk/message - see just artistic work, two children, male and female in young age, relaxing view - every one who will put this picture in fron of eye will think and wish just peace.

What catalogue say? Michel have it correctly valued, single stamp have an 4.50 e value, that reflect correct value, but I will be very surprised if someone will find it in nh condition, mint, nh will have an premium for sure.
Follow: one small sheet of 8 stamp with vignete on middle that have catalogue value of 60.00 euro - this will be acceptable for mint, hinged, without original glue - but in mint, nh, og - You will need to pay much more - I'm affraid near 100-120 euro in best case.
Third option: in Michel catalogue are single stamp no perforated have an great value of 400.00 euro, possible too much for one stamp but it is rare and hardly available - I personally didn't come accross any in my carrieer.
Last option: are same sheet of 8 in imperforated condition - great 10 000.00 euro - possible too much for collectors, but it can be valued this high, because give me name of person who have it!!!!
Quantities are too small for this nice isue - 424 000 pcs issued, that will say - 50 000 sheet of 8 stamp possible on market, less situation in WWII, after that come period when people didn't have so good storage book, and period till today - all at all - little quantities on market. I think that premium prices can be well acceptable if You will find it on market.
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