Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yugoslavia fauna issue

Michel #738-749 fauna: 

issued Jun 30, 1954, one really great set of 12 value, with picture so perfectly designed for postage stamp, and really-really worth to include in collection. It is one classic material, that any serious collector need to have! Prices? High and worth it, Michel catalogue from 2002 year valued it for mint set 150.00 euros, and Scott have it too low just over 40.00 $. This is point where Scott editors need to think, because this set is not easy available on market, and recent eBay offer are around 100.00 euros starting prices - because that I think, this disparity need to be corrected, specially today, when US$ are sliding every single day against euro! Quantity issued for this set ranged from 2 400 000 to low 80 000 pieces, hardly to satisfy collectors need.

This topic continued with issuing another set from same fauna on September 10, 1956 - Michel numbered 795-803, 

set of 9 value, where we see drastic decrease in catalogue prices, it come down to 50.00 euro, in Scott it is more down just little bit over 20.00 US$.

Even that, because quantity issued, it will be hardly to find it on free market, quantity printed range from 2 and half million, and lower quantity is 112 354 pieces.

Other set in this topic, issued after this two, have rapid decrease in value, mostly reason was

quantity printed, 2 and half million with lower quality design, but again in very satisfactory way. I think, that it is worth to have.
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