Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Czechoslovakia Michel #Block 7, FD Cancel

I "grabbed" some free time from my job, and I don't know why, I "surf" my Czechoslovakia collection, by way - I come across this beautiful sheet! Something, that will not catch Your eye at first glance, but if You will take it by hands, and little "think" about design and message that it deliver, You will find something more than worth to include this sheet in Your collection.

This sheet are issued on August 29, 1945 - smoke of WWII still "on the air", and Czechoslovakian Post issue an set commemorating Slovakian/National Uprising against the Germans, great! Set of 5 stamp, perforated 10 1/4 - not something special at all, but sheet come on "hard" paper, without perforation, no glue, dimension 148x210 mm, design is more like "classic" for war and post-war period, flags (SSSR, GB, USA and CSSR), sunrising, soldier, town (B. Bystrica, T. Sv Martin, Zilina).

What is "capital" on the sheet? Picture - on right up part of sheet, one beautiful drawing of mother and three children cry on tomb of fallen soldier (father)!!! So perfect symbol and message for future generation! I'm really sorry, that today's generation didn't remember past - even that it is not so long ago, just over 60 year - and they didn't know even what is that stamp and sheet telling to them!

Let's see what catalogue say about prices. Michel (2002 yr), have this block with first day cancel valued at 320.00 euro, that is one "good" starting prices for dealer - I think that on market today You can buy it for 80% of this price, but just in the case that You will find someone who are selling it! Because this disparity, Scott catalogue (#288-297, note) value used sample just 100.00 US$, I opened my other catalogue (Specialized Manual for Czechoslovakia, 1988 edition) - and see that they are really near identical value like Michel catalogue. In this "Manual", prices are not stated, it have one "point" grade for value stamp - and there are "great" 300 point for this sheet with FD cancel!!!

What that mean 300 point? It is like - if standard, not cheap, common stamp have an minimum price of 1 point, this one issue are 300 time more valued than that!!!

I personally like it - and specially, because it remind me about past, about our grandparents and about something that can not be forgotten!

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