Sunday, December 23, 2007

P.R. of China - Andersen issue


That was what I can say - China Post made one deluxe work, great design, clever idea that can go on top issue ever made in last few year.

Yes - it is expensive for ordinary collectors, but worth investment, and yes, worth to include in every serious collection that is connected to China or Andersen alone.

China post marked it by number 2005-12, with set of 5 value, in face value of 3.80 RnB - in standard edition, it is not problem to obtain it by face value, but it is issued also in sheetlet (perforated), sheetlet (self adhesive + stickers) and booklet. All this three option will take more than triple face value, and if someone will have booklet even by this prices, he can say "Hallelujah"!

Booklet alone have one great cover, printed also from inside, and here it come - we have one page "paus" transparent, and page with stamp on middle (perforated), again blank "paus" page and next stamp in row, five of them in beautiful design, technically perfect, best color and picture, really - I'm "out" of it!!!

I don't know how much will dealer ask for set of all three option of this issue - but if You will come across any offer - think to purchase it on spot, don't think twice!

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