Thursday, December 13, 2007

Modern Bosnia (Sarajevo) first issue

For long period, I was thinking how to present to the public, some stamps, that I think, MUST be in every private collection.

Now, I will try to made some suggestion about it, and show pictures of material that can be suitable for every serious collector worldwide.

Prices, description, comment is solely my private opinion, not connected to any legal or professional company that sell stamps or deal with philatelic market, it is just one "thinking" about material that "pop-up" on market and till today is hard to find and obtain for many reason.

It is not "framed" just for classic period, it is wide period, mostly new, and from different countries - but again, I think that people who care for even small investment in collection, will consider and reconsider self policy where to spend money.

My private opinion (again) - is that if collector spend even one penny for philately, it will be better to spend it on material that (in the far or near future) will always return more that 50% of investment if not even more than 150% of it. When someone throw this penny for material that will never recover even 10% of same investment, I think it is really not justified and not worth to do.

Hope that collectors will understand my opinion - and if not, what I can do - wish to all happy collecting and enjoy.

I will start with one really great issue from modern BOSNIA (Sarajevo - Muslim part), where I have great trouble obtaining one complete issue/set in booklet format from first issue. It is listed in Michel by number 1-7 (Markenheftchen), issued on Okt 27, 1993 year, Scott have it by number 200-206, and here come that big story!

First it is in difference between catalogue value, where Scott have prices for this seven booklet (each booklet have 5 strip of 10 identical stamp, not like Scott say), in Scott is valued just set of seven from booklet, value 12.50 US$ (x50 set will have it 625.00 US$), but Michel have value for booklet separately from set - and booklet in Michel (all seven) are valued (in 2001-2002 edition) of 775.00 euro! Difference is visible!

I easy obtained six value from this set, but one (first of 100d face) was almost impossible to find for more than three year. I contacted all dealer in Europe (mostly Germany) but no one have it. From few I received really "strange" answer like, " will cost You lot of money...", "...try with Rockefeller..." etc. From one dealer, I received offer to sell me complete set for 1500.00 US$, in the end - I obtained it from small dealer inside Bosnia for less than half asked by dealer from Germany. Sometimes patience pay!


As today (Oct. 13 2008) - I must to writte one story, that happen before few weeks, regarding this booklet/s!

Actually, one set of 7 booklets I sold to my customer who specialized with Yugoslavia and ex-Yugoslavia countries. He was really satisfacted when I informed him, that I can supply it, and price was really high. In Michel catalogue from 2007/8 edition, this set of 7 booklets have an 700.00 euro, it come down from 775.00 euro in Michel 2002 edition, loss of 10+% from basic value, that is still good investment - material was delivered, all fine, but!!!! But, one day - I received mail, where client say: "Some collegue in local club, told me that it is not mint (postfrishe), but can be considered like postally used!" - it was surprise (#1) for me, because, I controlled it before shipment, and never saw any sample of canceled - even no CTO - but, because it pass some time, I didn't remembered it at spot - I accepted it back and refund money - when booklets arrived back to me, come another surprise (#2) - On cover of one (Michel #) value, existed cancel/imprint of "Glavni Depo Maraka" - Sector for editing/printing and documentation - Main Depo! (see picture #2).

I was so happy that this one item come back to me - it is simple proof that this issue are original, not "speculative" or "illegal" - it (this "cancel") is more valuable than certificate! This booklet was stored in central post warehouse, for future use in regular administrative offices, it is really geniune.
What happened with client when I informed him about translation of this "cancel" - he simply didn't answered - total silence! I think that collectors in client local club simple was jelous, or maybe didn't understand language and made one wrong decision deciding that it is POSTAL cancel! Who know - in the end I'm really happy that I have it in stock and that can be used like proof of originality!

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