Friday, October 4, 2013

Slovakia - Korea Joint Issue 2013

Here we come with one fresh new issue, that come in this (2013) year. Even that I don't like to favorize something new, that I prefer to "wait-and-see" period, to made it sure that item/s have reason to be included in "must have" status, this issue "blink" in my brain!

And it is not first time in last few years, it happen also with P.R. of China "Musician" (Beethoven) issue, and now with joint issue with Slovakia and Korea.
Let's start about technical details:
Date of issue May 31, 2013. Two stamps in set, face value of set is 2.00 euro. In Korea set, face value is 540.00 won (0.37 euro). Difference in face value between two countries are great, from 2.00 euro to 0.37 euro, that will not reflect real value or standard, it is question of standard inside each country and not topic of this post. What I wish to say, is that this issue have one really great intention, to show us this beautiful native tradition in dancing, music, colors, ornament of native costume, and diplomatic relationship and connection between two countries.
I must say, that this issue made it all of this task well done!

Here we have shown this two stamp, one that show us "Pansori" genres of music (drummer and singer), on Korean tradition, and "Lucnica" Slovakia dancing troupe (ensemble).
Stamp design of native costume, native dancing, and colors that "blind Your heart". Designer made it really with whole heart and mind! 
Even printing process (recess printing from flat plates combined with offset) are much better than for "ordinary" stamp issue (where is mostly used offset process), which give us more "precise" detail and view of fine line of each color.

What will be next reason to have it in collection? To mention just 150 000 sets printed in sheet of three sets, which will give us 25 000 this sheets out on market - when we know that this issue can be included in few topical collections like: flag on stamp, costume, joint issue, dancing and in the end also art, You really believe that it will be (quantity) really available for everyone who will wish it in personal collection?
As today, almost 5 months after date of issue in Slovakia, I don't see even one sheet of 6 sets on sale by eBay, and on Delcampe! 
This fact give You good reason to find it around, it is probably still available on Slovak Post direct purchase, but if You don't have "nerve" for official way, You can find it (probability are low) from some dealers, but be prepared to pay more than 20.00 US$ for Slovakian sheet of three sets, yes - plus postage, shipping and handling, payment fee... mean, starting market value for this new issue will go over 30.00 US$. Let's see if future will verify this!

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