Sunday, September 1, 2013

Montenegro, 2005 issue

Here come one issue, that I discovered almost by accident, and make me angry at first, but after minute of thinking, I say even better - I'm happy!

In one discussion on FaceBook Page, about "Regional Philately" (Yugoslavia and former Republic of Yugoslavia), members discussed about Montenegro issue from 2005 year, "Flag and Coat of Arms".

As we know there is three type of this set, difference are on face value and date of printing/issued, which first set/printing of 4 values come to the market on Dec. 15, 2005, value on stamp go from 0.25 e, 0.40, 0.50 and 0.60 euros, up side logo of Montenegrin Post and text "Crna Gora - Montenegro". 

Second printing/type come out on unknow day of June, 2006, even that on the same stamp is imprinted "2005" instead of 2006, two stamp/values in set, 0.25 and 0.40 euros face value. 

Difference from "first printing" are in, under logo of Post of Montenegro is also text "Posta Crne Gore", that didn't appear in first printing, and also second small difference come on bottom of stamp, where is name of printer "Axis Studio" 2 mm to the right of left/down corner line.

Third printing  come to the market on unknow day of Sept. 2006, with set of three value, 0.25, 0.40 and 0.60 euros. Difference are, in 2006 year (down on the middle of stamp), and name of printer (down left side) "Axis Studio" are positioned exactly on the "corner" line/frame of stamp. Next "small" difference is also on "Eagle" are little smaller than in first and second printing.

Now, if it is just because of this differences, I will never put this issue to the range of "Stamp Must Have", or because few different option of printing sheet, where we have sheet of 8 + 2 labels and also sheet of 20 no labels and next option with sheet of 10 and no tabs, but because strange happening that follows this issue!

First, how it is possible that even own Post of Montenegro don't have official date of release for each issue/printing? (because they printed at the same time all three issue, or just first and second printing)!

Second, how it is possible that NO evidence about quantity of FDC issued? (because FDC are produced just "on request" base with no any time limit involved)!

How can I be so sure about my claim?
As I mentioned from beginning of this article, I just checked my stock with FDC from Montenegro, I see that most of quantity that was available for sale are gone (not big quantity, around 10 sets), and one that is left is with first and second printing!!!!

YES - first two stamp from first printing, second two stamp with second printing, on the official cover of Post of Montenegro, with official cancel dated Dec. 15, 2005!!!!!!

What else come to the side of my claim?
Because I purchased this stamp directly from Montenegro Post, and at the time, they delivered material in 3 months period of date of issue, I still keep original Invoice of it. That mean, Post of Montenegro, have ready two printing of set, or in different printing plant, or with different face values, but ready for "future release".

This fact, give me decision that this issue need to be included in "Stamp Must Have" collection!

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