Friday, February 19, 2016

Yugoslavia - CETINJE issue 1945

...this come on end of WWII (1945), as fresh made Yugoslavia, overprint on Montenegro issue (under Italy occupation), set of 11 values, 

and additional PORTO issue of two values.

As technology at the time was not so advanced (according today's standard), there are some errors in typing, probably in printing plant, there are some missing latter so worker use "similar" letter in composing this overprint.

Here You can see one error on "A" letter (instead, used "D").

Michel catalog value it well, two sets and one value with error, can reach on market more than 700.00 euros, as this issue are very hard to find on market, reason are 7000/10 000 sets printed.

So keep an eye on this issue, and if You can afford, buy it!


Baez Fan said...

How much for this set?

Miloje Chastven said... the moment, it is hard to determine "real" market value, but as I see on web auctions there is just occasionally offered for sale. Last one what I know, set of 11 values there was asking price of 450.00 US$, next two PORTO values are no where offered for sale, and it will be really high price if someone will decided to sell/buy this set of 11 + 2 values as whole set.

What say Michel catalog? Set of 11 values have "middle" value of 60.00 euros, and next 2 value of PORTO go in catalog for 700.00 euros, than there come this "error" which are mentioned in catalog under 900.00 euro, so together it will have 1600/1700.00 euro.

To find some comparison to Michel catalog, I go to another "local" catalog for Montenegro (M. Radicevic), which have this set listed as set of 7 values, after that set of 4 values, and next PORTO of two values. Total for all option, catalog value are 970.00 euros, without one value of wrongly used typo.

So, conclusion are that one "middle" real value on market can reach (for set of 11 plus set of 2 PORTO plus one with error) near or over 1000.00 euros.

How much person will reach, if negotiating with seller, depend on how You need this items in Your collection, and, to be fair, every SERIOUS collection of Montenegro, will be "naked" without this set!

Probability that You will made "shop" for less than 1000.00 euros (for set without certificate), are very slim, as certificate will "push" price on market for very near Michel catalog values.

So, try it, and say "Mazal Tov" (as "Moishe" say), at the moment when You will see it in Your possession!

Baez Fan said...

Very comprehensive reply, mi amigo!