Saturday, March 1, 2014

P. R. of China - 2013 year

What to take for explanation, why I think, that this particular set of two stamp, need to be included in "Stamp Must Have" album?

It is new issue, 2013 year, still freely available on exchange base, on eBay or other "contact", that no need to "rush" and obtain it!
Yes, this is all correct! But I still think, that this must be in come more "serious" collection!
See, first that is one great artist work on left stamp, showing us rice "flower" opened with one fine tuned combination of color! Really botanical artist work, that made all perfect! Detail, color, dimension - all is in perfect combination for one human eye. You simply have feeling to have this! 
Second stamp give us "road" from field to table - one bowl of rice over that branch of rice. Again, perfect combination to think!

This set can be included in some topical like  "Flora", "Ceramics", "Food", "Agriculture", probably also like "Science" because there is talking about "Hybrid Rice" that China Scientist make in in one hard work that take more than few years of.

Face value are really affordable, for this set of two, 2.40 RMB (0.40 US$), nothing hard that You can not afford. There is also one sheetlets of 8 set (2 sheetlets in set), that is probably more beautiful than set alone, but, in the end, it depend of Your taste.

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