Sunday, October 23, 2011

Slovenia, Hydrometeorology issue, 2000 yr

Let's say, nothing specific in this issue - isn't?

Some design, that can be rated around "6" (from 10), no more - no less! At first glance, I even didn't intend to publish it here, I was thinking what is it worth? Some topic? Flower, satellite, lighting, but it is made like amateur job!

Then, when opening catalog, I see that it is printed just in 70 000 stamp, and time of issue was May 9, 2000, I was very surprised why this quantity, if we know that many countries print more than few million and Slovenia print around 200-250 000 per issue, surprise but now they go down to 70 000. O.K. - not big deal that You will try to obtain it - isn't?

But, it have reason - if You read well "Michel" catalog - You will see that this issue are printed in sheet of 9+1 format, which will give You just 7777 printing sheet (funny number?) out from printing plant!

Now I have just old catalog (from 2008 and 2005) and what made me to change decision and inform readers, was a price tag for this sheet of 9 + 1 tab!

In 2005, "Slovenka" catalog give it one very high price of 120.00 euro per sheet, do You really think that ordinary collector will spend so great (at the time) bunch of money? No, I don't think!

Again - BUT!

It come 2008 year, and "Michel" catalog go further (because inflation?) and price tag is now 200.00 euro per sheet of 9+1! God - who is here on this globe, who drive this "jump"?

Are that speculative move, or it is just one of evidence, that (rumor is going around for long time)
"Michel" is such kind of keeping prices for material that they have (to be fair, I even don't know if they have stamp shop)!

How is - is, and if You find it somewhere in "exchange" base - GRAB it - it is not items (in sheet format) that You will have chance to obtain it in the future!

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